permanent eyebrow design for men

permanent eyebrow design for men

I solve many grooming problems for men. For many years I have helped men that need permanent eyebrow design, men’s ear hair removal, men’s nose hair removal, and men’s facial hair removal in places men don’t want hair. Men that have hair at the base of their nose, all over the ears, unwanted men’s eyebrow hair, and anywhere on the body. I have all methods of hair removal.

Permanent and temporary hair removal if requested. I explain to men plucking ear or nose hair usually increases the problem. And it’s not the best way to treat. If you want permanent relief of the unwanted hair. You have on your face, nose, or ears now then give me a call. But, it doesn’t mean that you will not create new unwanted hairs as you age. It is something that can not be avoided like your ears and nose growing throughout your life.

Many men once treated with a series of treatments will have long-term relief. In the future, if they start to have some new unwanted hairs it is like any other health maintenance situation.

I do permanent cosmetics for men like in the picture and in many more ways. Some men need a little color around their eyes because they do not grow enough eyelashes or the lashes are too light. I can dye the lashes, apply permanent color behind the lash line that only adds natural color to the eye, and not give the appearance of makeup. This comes from many years treating all kinds of men, straight, gay, cross-dressers, disabled, young, and very old for a lifetime.

I only promise a few things and that is, to be honest, and give my very best to my work.  I respect all people that need my services and only work by appointment. So if you need care for your skin, hair, hair removal please give me a call at 727-512-4335.  I help men with their skin as well as all my other services. It is very common I see men that need men’s medical facial. They are loaded with blackheads, milia, comedones, and other skin issues I can address to renew their skin and help them look so much better. I do work that offers a solution and not a fluff facial. It is a real solution to real problems.

Unwanted ear, face or eyebrow hair can be permanently destroyed

This man had one eyebrow and I permanently created one.