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Facial Treatment Services, Cosmetologist at spa beauty salon doing acne treatment using mechanical instrument. Concept of medical treatment of rejuvenation and skincare

Karen Marlise at her Medispa performing using a mechanical instrument. The concept of medical treatment of rejuvenation and skincare, This is a sample of a standard facial.

Paramedical Facial Treatment Services is the most thorough facial that will offer. This Ultimate best medical facial treatment is performed using Jan Marini Skin Research products. The beginning of the face starts with a glycolic scrub using high revolution scrubber to remove all old skin cells, dirt, and oils.

Then an evaluation of the skin is performed. Depending on the problems what is the next plan of action?  Usually, a product is applied with steam to loosen up any blackheads, and then all blackheads, milia, condoms, or other skin issues addressed.

Then a facial peel is applied and timed to exfoliate the skin with deeper to the new skin, stimulate collagen, and even skin complexion. Then the peel is neutralized.

A customized mask is applied, after removal of the mask then Vitamin C serum, the moisturizer is used. The type is dependent on the skin type being worked on.

Facial massage and lymphatic drainage is done for the ultimate experience

Karen Marlise Offers The Best Facial Treatment Services


Facial Treatment Services - Aesthetics by Karen MarliseStandard Facial

Our premium facial treatment will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and pampered. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed. Do something truly nice for yourself and let Karen completely cleanse your face and analyze your skin. She will take the time to give you instructions on how to maintain beautiful skin.  While your mask processes Karen then provides a relaxing face/neck and shoulder massage. Soft and gentle music playing while your one on one pampering is applied so you can totally enjoy the experience. On many occasions, extractions are necessary and done during the steaming process. When Karen first starts dealing with the skin she makes an analysis of what is the best method of action.

An example is if you came in with a face full of hardened blackheads the first thing after a deal cleaning would be a salicylic facial peel to loosen the blackheads then normalizing the PH. Then gentle steam with a dissolver product applied. After these processes, the blackheads easily release without discomfort or hurting the skin. Then resuming the standard facial. This is one example of many Karen deals with daily when treating all different kinds of people’s skin. There are so many factors only many years of experience comes into play.

Dermal Needling for Skin Tighten and Skin Renewal

This process is a sterile roller lined with very thin tiny needles that are a great way to rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles.

Custom Facial

A luxurious, completely custom, and nourishing facial.  Karen Marlise includes 15 minutes of relaxing hands, feet, and scalp massage.

Deep-Pore Cleansing/Acne Facial

Deep cleanse, including a special mask and high frequency and photo-light with the acne removal wave-length. Experience a reduction of blackheads and blemishes along with cleaner and smoother skin. For best results, multiple best medical facial treatment are recommended.

Teen Facial

Cleansing facial with orientation and instruction in skincare. Specific products will be recommended for daily use. Karen Marlise has found that Jan Marini’s acne products and Sonage Skin Care products are the best on the market.sonage  .

Gentlemen’s Restoring Facial

This is a detoxifying, healing, and best hydrating facial treatment for all skin types.  Specially formulated to handle over-exposure to the elements and treating skin that needs special care.

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Karen Marlise Delivers A Serious Solution Facial Treatment Services Not a Fu, Fu facial of just applying product and removing product. It offers true solutions to many problems like tighten skin, ridding blackheads, detoxing lymph glands, ridding mila, conodomes and other unsightly problems.

 There is no reason to suffer from spider veins on your face, skin tags, or any unsightly problems. Dr. Valdes and Karen work very hard to deliver top services at reasonable costs. Dr. Valdes was a Vascular Surgeon in his early career as a physician. The doc just loves Aesthetic medicine now that he is older. This is his passion botox, facial fillers he is so amazing at as well.

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Skin Tightening-Blackhead removal- skin tag removal- spider vein removal

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