Areola and Nipple Pigmentation St Petersburg, Largo and Seminole Cities

Areola and nipple pigmentation is an increasingly popular procedure among men and women who want to enhance the appearance of their nipples. This procedure involves the use of professional tattooing techniques to subtly color the areola and nipple area, creating a more aesthetically pleasing result. As the name implies, areola and nipple pigmentation is not permanent; however, it can last up to two years if done properly and if the client takes proper care of the treated area. In addition to improving the appearance of the nipples, this procedure can also be used to cover up scars or other imperfections in the areola area, such as uneven color or size.


This procedure is often done on women who have had breast reconstruction, as the loss of pigment or asymmetry can be addressed with this treatment. Additionally, women who have always had discoloration or an irregular shape can benefit from this technique as well.


This procedure can be done using permanent or semi-permanent ink, and it is considered to be a safe and relatively painless procedure. The results of nipple and areola pigmentation for men and women are usually seen in one to two weeks, and the effects can last from one to five years depending on the type of ink used. The procedure has been found to be beneficial for people who have undergone mastectomy or breast reconstruction, as it can help restore a more natural look to the area.

Nipple Reconstruction, nipple pigmentation, areola tattooing

Nipple Reconstruction, nipple pigmentation, areola tattooing

Nipple Tattooing is implantation of pigment into areolas or nipples.  Another name is areola pigmentation.

If you have a very little color in your nipples, misshaped areolas, breast reconstruction that really isn’t 100% what it should be, or a breast cancer survivor. If you need areolas created Karen Marlise is the one to call. She is truly highly trained in this area and has done them for years. She has many different colors for areolas for every ethnicity, the tools for different sizes and the training from two different permanent cosmetic colleges to do the job right at an affordable price.

Karen takes the time to provide the quality you are looking for and takes the time and effort to produce beautiful results that last. She goes into detail discussion with you to acquire all the information necessary to produce exactly what you are looking for with your Areola and nipple pigmentation services/treatment. She takes the time needed to ensure it is pain-free and implants the color thoroughly that you end up with even beautiful nipples. Areola implantation is another name for nipple tattooing or areola tattooing because that is what it truly is.

Karen has pictures in her salon on permanent nipples, permanent nipple hair removal and nipple design but, every time she tries to put it on the site google flags it. So to see pics come to see Karen. She has many pictures to show you of areola pigmentation.

Karen Marlise uses the equipment similar to a tattoo artist with the power to implant color thoroughly, evenly throughout. Areola pigmentation tattoo and Pigmentation nipple tattooing requires certification and training to learn to shade giving the appearance of tips and other concerns.

Karen Creates Nipples or Areolas for Women that lost them due to reconstruction or breast cancer

Karen Creates Nipples or Adds pigmentation to nipples lacking color

After creating areolas or nipples with pigmentation after

Areola and nipple pigmentation St Petersburg Largo, Seminole, Clearwater and Tampa Bay Cities