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Different Full Lip Color Permanent Cosmetic Maskeup

Different permanent lips, Full Lip Color Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

This is when you are seeking just clarity for your lips and apply the color you had when you were a young teen.

This is when you are seeking just clarity for your lips and apply the color you had when you were a young teen.

Beautiful permanent lip liner color that lasts years, lip liner, full lip color, lip shape correction, permanent lipstick, are just a few of Karen Marlise’s award-winning services she offers. Karen can create the perfect lips with the clarity you might not possess. Karen carries every color produced in permanent lip liner makeup and in lip tints. Full lip color resembles lipstick but much better. Permanent Full lip color doesn’t bleed out or wear off within an hour or two.  It is a crisp, clear color in your skin that lasts for many years beautifully when Karen does the work. Many women over 25 start to lose facial color and need color replacement in their faces to achieve the beautiful face always. Permanent cosmetics can help you achieve that.

Permanent Lip liner are great for building clarity to your mouth or just the lip liner look you are looking for.  Karen’s colors stay true, crisp, and even throughout the mouth. Karen is the best in the business of permanent lip liner removal or makeup permanent lip liner or permanent cosmetic makeup in Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Seminole and Largo cities. Karen has the highest rating for permanent makeup in Tampa Bay because she has the ultimate amount of training and certifications in permanent cosmetics so if you are looking for permanent lip liner you need not look any further you found one of the nation’s top permanent cosmetic makeup artists. Here are color choices you can choose from: Karen has every lip color and natural lip tints that you can imagine. The highest quality colors on the market.

Karen does permanent full lip color enhancements that the color darkens from the center to give a multiple permanent full lip color to the lips.



Do you have lips that don’t show up? Are you tired of always applying lipstick? Do you need to enlarge the appearance of your lips? If any of these questions you have found the right answer Karen Marlise. Karen creates the most perfect permanent full lip color/lip liner on the market. Karen has people from all over Tampa Bay areas calling on her for permanent lips. That is page is about letting people know permanent lips Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Seminole and Largo Areas who the right artist to call.

She has the many years of experience, the highest grade of equipment and colors to produce a final product that you will crazy happy with a write Karen a 5-star review like so many have. She can straighten out lips with lip liner and can replace missing color to lips that create a natural color that we had at 12 if that is what you are looking for. Karen has lip tints that are just a glossing of color and you can see you natural lips through the casting of color. Very soft appearance. Or you can get solid permanent lipstick colors that are bold as you would like or sutle solid color that matches almost anything you would wear. Remember the color is in the skin so you can apply over permanent full lip color/lip liner any color you choose if you happen to be wearing red or pink.

Karen only does permanent lips when booking out plenty of time to ensure it is as pain-free as possible and done solid, perfect, and even. She has so many years of experience in an application that only perfect she can do. You won’t be unhappy with uneven or half did lips. Karen is a perfectionist and will work until they are perfect. Her business motto is everyone is a billboard of her work and she only wants totally satisfied and beautiful walking out of her permanent cosmetic makeup clinic in Tampa Bay.



Is Karen Marlise she has done many years of creating lips for men and women. Her work is absolutely perfect. When it comes to your permanent makeup only the highest trained and experience should do or you can end up with something that isn’t perfect. Karen only produces perfect permanent cosmetic makeup.



Karen Marlise is a true master at permanent cosmetics and permanent lip color, permanent lip tints and permanent lip liner. Karen Marlise has done more than she could count. When it comes to permanent lip color, lip liners, permanent lip tints, only perfection will do. This is a must at this type of work and there are many people that don’t have a clear lip line, lip shape or lip color. Karen can correct any lip problems with permanent cosmetic makeup lip creation. Karen can design what nature didn’t give you or Karen can improve upon what you have naturally. Karen deals with people with lips that have been scarred, birth defects with cleft palate and just don’t show up from lack of color or shape. After over 25 years of performing permanent cosmetic makeup procedures Karen has dealt with almost every problem people struggle with and she is a great talent in helping people look better.

If you are just needing clarity to your lips then natural color lip tints would be the right choice. They are translucent and just give a glossing of color. But, if you are looking for waking up every morning with beautiful lip color then permanent full lip color is what you require. When Karen does full lip color it is absolutely beautiful and lasts for years. Karen goes to great lengths to ensure that you have very little discomfort. The most important question that is asked before performing permanent cosmetic full lip color is ” Have you ever had a cold sore”? If so you have to get a prescription for an anti-viral medicine to ensure you don’t have an outbreak after the work is performed. Once a person has ever had a cold sore they always have the possibility of an outbreak. The lip is a muscle and tattooing color into can bring on cold sores. The medicine will ensure that won’t happen and the work healed with be perfect.

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