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Bikini waxing as the name suggests I quite popular with people who wear their swimsuits or bikinis regularly an go out to the beach or pool parties. In order to present yourself to the world, it is very important for one to appear hygienic, neat, and clean.


Bikini waxing is done in areas that are the upper thigh region on the inner legs that are visible and cannot be hidden by swimsuits or bikinis. The practice is popular among women though men also indulge in it. I only use Nufree wax which is the highest quality wax on the market. Check out why I tell you this by checking out their site nufree


A special type of hot or cold wax depending on the sensitivity of the skin and type of derma layer is used. The wax is allowed to rest for a few minutes before being pulled out in stroke usually with a cloth.




It is necessary to remove the hair from the bikini line region if the person has never waxed before. So the hair is trimmed because longer hair makes it difficult for the wax to penetrate the roots of the hair.


Antiseptic creams and numbing creams are also applied to prevent any harm to the skin and also to avoid pain during and after waxing.




AMERICAN WAXING: American Waxing leaves a triangular-shaped hair strip in your pubic region. It removes hair that cannot be seen when one wears a bikini. It is also known as regular wax, bikini wax, or triangular wax. Bikini bottoms or underwear are worn while having this wax since it hides the triangular shape of the hair and the remaining hair is removed. Hence this type of wax is referred to as “tidy up”.


FRENCH WAXING: French waxing leaves a vertical strip of pubic hair just above the vulva. Hair around the anus and labia region may be removed. Sometimes the hair from the back region is not removed.  It is extremely popular with models who walk the ramp wearing clothes that are narrow along the crotch area. Sometimes hard wax is used though strip wax works perfectly.


BRAZILIAN WAXING: Basically with a Brazilian wax, hair is removed from the front back and everything in between. It is really popular between playboy models. Brazilian waxing is a way to ensure that you always stay neat and clean. Some women even say that it makes them sensuous. Brazilian waxing will last between 3 to 10 weeks with no maintenance and you don’t need to shave.


We are very hygienic with waxing and we never double dip. We use a clean stick every time we are about to wax. We use a combination of both soft wax and hard wax and our techniques of waxing can remove the most stubborn and coarse hair. We have found a combination of waxes that yields the best result for hair removal and maximum client control.