Needing a men’s grooming services, personal care expert for men?. What does that mean? A men’s grooming expert does permanent eyebrow design, permanent hair removal anywhere on the body, skincare, camouflage scars, body waxing, buttock waxing, Brazilian waxing for men, permanent ear hair removal, and permanent nose hair removal just to name a few.

Men’s Grooming Services Expert


Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal is the only complete men’s grooming service business in nearby cities. There are a lot of men’s grooming services that Karen offers for men to help them look and feel better. Karen the owner helps men in all areas of grooming from skincare, haircare, permanent hair removal,

Men's Grooming Services hair cutting

permanent cosmetic services, body waxing, and body treatments. Men’s grooming services in St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole and Clearwater cities is the best at what she does. Check our reviews of grooming services for men.


Karen rids unwanted ear hair, nose hair, body hair, and any unwanted hair just to name one of the services. Karen has a lifetime of helping men in all areas of beauty and grooming services. She can help improve your skin and even color your hair. It is a personal salon one on one with a 30 plus year experienced expert in the grooming business. Karen does body facials ridding blackheads, comedones, milia, and other skin problems to name a few. Larem creates permanent eyebrows for men and does lip shaping for men that need clarity to their mouth. Karen is a very talented artist and has a lifetime of training and skill to help men and women with all kinds of beauty needs at affordable pricing.

Men’s grooming services are becoming increasingly popular. This growing trend is due to the fact that more and more men are taking a greater interest in their appearance and personal hygiene. The demand for men’s grooming services has increased significantly in recent times as men are opting for professional services ranging from haircuts and styling to facials and manicures. Specialized treatments such as beard trimming and waxing are also becoming more popular, as a result of the ever-changing fashion trends in men’s fashion. There are a number of different types of services available for men, such as barber shops, spas, hair salons, and cosmetic shops. However, it is important to remember that there are differences between these services. Men’s grooming services are designed to provide men with a range of services to help maintain their appearance. The services include haircuts, styling, manicures, and facials. Some men’s grooming services even offer waxing services, which are popular among men who are concerned about maintaining a well-groomed look. The type of services that men are offered will vary depending on the type of men.

Karen Best Men’s Personal Care Expert


There are a lot of men’s grooming services that Karen offers for men to help them look and feel better. Karen is a paramedical Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Laser hair removal specialist, Electrologist, Body waxier.


A lifetime in all areas of beauty and the serious training has created the best in the business of permanent cosmetic makeup

Call today and see what Karen can do for you. If you have unwanted ear hair do not pluck it because it will increase the amount of hair and worsen the problem. Karen can cure it with a series of treatment. Karen rids age spots, renews skin and helps men in many areas of grooming. A true men’s grooming specialist offers various services to help men with any of men’s grooming needs.

Men can look so much better with a little help using color in different areas and with total masculinity. As men age they lose color just like women and permanent makeup for men can be the perfect solution to obtain a handsome appearance. Karen does permanent hair removal and designs permanent eyebrows for men for many years. Plus, applies color behind men’s lash line to help their eyes to look better just to name a few services for men Karen does. She is a master body waxier for bodybuilders and does Brazilian waxing for men as well. Karen does facials that rid all blackheads, tighten skin, renews and refreshes skin on face and body. Karen uses only the highest grade products like Jan Marini Skin Research and Sonage.

There is no one in the beauty business with more training in every area of personal care than Karen Marlise. She has cared for men and women for grooming and beauty services since 1982 with a lifetime of training.

When it comes helping men permanently remove hair off men’s ears, nose, anywhere men need it removed Karen can help them totally cure the problem and help men to look and feel better. Just call anytime to speak to Karen at 727-512-4335 for information or a free consultation. by a 30 plus year expert in a personal office where you receive one on one professional care.

Are you a man with hairy genitals and would like it permanently corrected?

What is it to be a Men’s Master Grooming, Personal Care Expert for men? It is training and skill to take care of all kinds of personal issues. Anything from ear hair removal to toe hair removal.

It can be designing permanent eyebrows or improving terrible skin. Karen has the skill to help in many ways just give her a call. She does free consultations all the time for no charge at 727-512-4335.

  • Are You a Man With a Unibrow?
  • Are you a man with a back covered in hair?
  • Are you a man that is so loaded in hair you can’t stand to take off your shirt?
  • Are You a Man With Ears Covered in Hair and would like it permanently gone?
  • Are You a Man That Needs Help Seeing Your Eyebrows?
  • Is it because they are disappearing or have very little color in the hair?
  • Are You a Man With An Ugly Scar?
  • Are You a Man That Has a Bald Spot You Want to Disappear?
  • Are You a Man With a Hair Transplant Scar?

Kaen is the person to see she has helped men for a lifetime. She is a Master at helping men rid unwanted nose hair, ear hair, permanently design a perfect manly eyebrow, camouflage away baldness, thinning hair, permanently design beards and mustaches that don’t have to be shaved every day or a mustache growing up your nose.