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permanent scar camouflage Seminole, Clearwater

This is vitiligo camouflage and scar camouflage from a local permanent cosmetic artist that didn’t have a clue how to do this work right. Now this poor client has to spend a lot of money lifting this with a tattoo removal laser and start over with a truly highly trained camouflage expert

permanent scar camouflage Seminole, Clearwater

Just finished tattooing many flesh colors blended to match natural untouched skin

Permanent Scar camouflage is a highly skilled and very experienced skill. This skill has taken years to master and multiple techniques are used to obtain great results. I have over thirty-three years of experience is scar camouflage permanent makeup, scar revision, and pigmentation correction. I will not tell my trade secrets because everyone would attempt to copy and only end up messing up people as I have seen countless times. Pigment correction is a true art with the use of color and other methods to achieve success. Plus, it is very important not to be in a hurry.

This is not a service that can be knocked out in one visit. This takes sometimes several visits to get it 100% right especially when it is a large project. Here are pictures of before and after of a woman’s back that had a giant white butterfly from having it lifted with scar camouflage tattooing removal. One of the big negatives with scar camouflage tattooing removal is it lifts all your natural pigment as well as the tattoo.

So you end up with a very light outline of whatever was lifted off. To truly recover the natural color needs to be blended back into the skin so you can not tell that there was ever a tattoo there. Another before and after is a scalp scar that went from one side of this young man’s head to the other. This job took breaking down the scar tissue first. Then after fattening that I went in with both flesh colors and hair reputation strokes of many different shades of hairs to match his natural color. With those three techniques, you could never tell that there was ever a large scar on the back of his scalp.

After healing pigmentation correction

After healing pigmentation correction

Sadly there are scar camouflage permanent makeup cosmetic artists that shouldn’t be doing services that they truly are not trained at or have any true skill in like camouflage. Here are some pictures that truly made me very angry. What made me so angry was how stupid the artist had to be to do so much without knowing for sure what her or his results would be. It is important to do a small area and test out your work. Let it heal, record exactly the recipe of what you created so you know how to adjust it after seeing the healed test. This artist did large totally wrong camouflage work all over this poor client with vitiligo and charged seriously to make her problem look so much worst. This is a person that doesn’t care, untrained attempting what she has no clue what she or he is doing.

That is why Florida should have a law requiring at least 100% of true training and not by uncertified trainers which is all that I have seen in Florida so it is important to be very careful who you call on.



Be careful when you have Vitiligo, skin, scars or pigment problems and seeking pigment correction. Only see a very experienced documented Certified Master that will take the time to test spot the work. This takes someone that has years of experience is what I truly believe. I have been correcting skin, scars and Vililigo issues for many years and can say one thing everyone is very different to the last one I treated. It is not an easy fix. It takes repeated visits to get this right. This takes many hours of work, many colors and a lot of small test spots to get the color just right before truly applying for the work. It is not a quick fix. Sorry, I don’t tell competitors how to do this let them invest in their career and travel like I did and pay their dues. You can not learn this on a Utube video. This is the one area of camouflage scars with permanent makeup cosmetics that took the longest to learn to do well and takes the most effort. There have trade secrets I have developed from many years of performing this work I will explain to you directly if you call on me for a consultation and I know you are needing the work done. Scars I have techniques to reduce scarring first before camouflage in some cases depending on the scar and depending on the skin. Now vitiligo is a whole other type of application. Skin and permanent scar camouflage is special training and demands a true skin correction expert.

There are other great techniques I help people with that have these problems. Which I will be more than happy to help you with if you give me a call at 727-512-4335. There are scar camouflage permanent makeup cosmetic artists on every corner but, the problem is there is no law in Florida requiring training. So every trick in the book is used to sell people on a bunch of lies, techniques that are not really done right because they were not correctly trained. I can tell you it is hair curling the things I hear and see. People’s skin ruined and now have giant tattoo laser removal bills to try to fix it. The first and fourth most important thing to see if documented certifications of training. The next thing to check is where did the training come from. If it is a local beauty school or X-biker, body artist now camouflage scars with permanent makeup cosmetic school beware. In Florida. anything goes in the permanent cosmetic makeup business. There are societies in permanent makeup that sell memberships and mean nothing certifications. They send a flashy certificate for $100 year but nothing else really comes with it. There are only a few truly real permanent cosmetic colleges that are worth the money and time to go to. One of them is in Arlington, Texas and the others I know of are in California. A true Master artist invests in top training at top schools and keeps investing throughout his or her career. I am on my way back to Texas in another month just to refresh training and investigate everything new in the profession. I have been performing permanent laser hair removal cosmetics for over 32 years and spent over $30,000 learning my profession to ensure having top skills and deliver the very best service.

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