If you are looking for Brazilian wax for men and women services, Brazilian permanent hair removal, or Brazilian waxing. It is so important to see a true Brazilian hair removal expert. Karen is highly trained in all areas of Brazilian hair removal.so who better to advise what serves you best?

Karen only uses Nufree.com to wax Brazilian waxing because it is the only micro bacterial wax on the market. Which totally protects clients. Karen is highly trained in all areas of hair removal permanent and waxing. Plus, on all types of people after almost 30 years as a body waxer, 18 years as a laser professional, and over 26 years as an electrologist.

A true hair removal pro that can help you decide what service will serve you best. After speaking with you from a free consultation. checking out your hair problem and asking the questions needed. For example some people just want to clear their Brazilian waxing for men and women services during the summer. and they are blond. Then waxing would be the right choice.



Karen is one of the highest trained and experienced National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialists in Tampa Bay with a lot of advanced training in Brazilian laser hair removal. This is the area that you want to know for sure you have a highly skilled expert and many years of experience. Plus, someone you will feel very comfortable with receiving such a personal treatment.


Karen has over 30 years of experience in the beauty business and knows 110% of old school in how to care for clients. People with red, gray, or white hair that want permanent Brazilian hair removal have to be treated with electrology. So another reason to see a true expert in all areas of Brazilian waxing for men and women services is to lead you to the right service for you. Karen has the ability and years of experience to help you in any area of hair removal.

It is very important to have a top pro when it comes to private and personal work. Karen has been treating people for over 15 years with lasers and since 1993 with electrolysis. You will

Electrology Permanently Kills Hiar

Karen has a lifetime doing electrology permanently killing hair

be totally at ease everyone almost always has been when it comes to Karen’s work.

Karen has been doing full Brazilian laser hair removal since 1993 as an electrologist and started in laser hair removal in 2001.


You will realize right away that you are in great hands and someone that truly knows what they are doing. It will only be Karen treating you and not passing to a new laser tech. every time you come in the door. Karen is very devoted to her clients and will take the time to give you the quality of service and the settings that truly kill hair as fast as it can be done safely. If it is a sensitive area Karen uses all kinds of skilled techniques to help you achieve great results.



Not just anyone would you feel comfortable with performing full brazilian laser hair removal. Very likely Karen you will be very comfortable with no matter if you are male or female.

  1. Brazilian-waxing-for-men-and-women-servicesIt is very affiant after meeting Karen that she has been doing full brazilian laser hair removal for many years and a very down to earth professional. She explains everything in detail and works with you closely to ensure your satisfaction.

Karen’s most important desire is to help you rid any unwanted hair you request and has done this for many people for many years. Her prices are very reasonable for the results you will obtain. Call today for a free consultation. Consultations 7 days a week.

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