laaser hair removal or electrology is the solution

Information About Laser Hair Removal and Electrology

Information about laser hair removal and electrology to help you know what will serve you better. There are only two forms of permanent hair removal laser which is permanent reduction. What this means is the hair has to be dark enough, and sizable enough for the laser to attract enough heat to kill all the…


African American Permanent Hair Removal Expert

I have been treating African American’s for many years with hair problems. Black women suffering from facial hair, nipple hair, chest hair, hair anywhere they don’t want it. I am an African American permanent hair removal expert since 1993. African American permanent hair removal is a skill that is perfected with many years of experience…

Indian, African American laser hair removal

Electrology Permanently Kills Hair

Here is how electrology permanently kills hair. In electrology, the electrologist kills every hair by inserting a tiny, sterile probe into each individual hair follicle. Following into the follicle exactly the direction it is growing out of the skin. A follicle is like a pocket with room for the probe when it is inserted correctly…

prepare For Electrology

How To Prepare For Electrology

Things You Need to Know Before and After Electrolysis Treatment How to prepare for electrology. Electrology does not require much preparation or recovery. Before getting permanent hair removal treatment it is best to allow the hair to grow out enough for the electrologist to see each hair and be able to treat it. Karen needs…


Is Electrology the Right Choice?

In Many Cases Electrology is the Right Choice for Permanent hair removal Will Electrolysis Work for You?  Is Electrology the right choice? Electrolysis can be used to treat any hair color and hair type and is safe and effective for any skin tone. In many cases, electrology is the right choice for many reasons. Don’t…