eyebrow waxing


Eyebrow waxing has been in fashion since the past few years when Cara Delevingne started it. Eyebrows are waxed in order to avoid threading. Threading leaves the skin red and is an extremely painful process, waxing on the other hand might be painful at times but when handled by an expert is good to go. Before applying wax the skin is cleansed, any lotion that prevents bacteria as well as helps avoid pain such as numbing cream is applied. After that extra hair and hair that have grown in length are trimmed. And then the wax is applied. This treatment leaves the client free of tension for the next 3-8 weeks and is extremely useful in getting the beauty results you desire.


Eyebrow waxing is a popular choice among those looking for a quick and easy way to groom their brows. It is a relatively affordable, low-maintenance, long-lasting option for those who want to shape and define their eyebrows. Waxing helps to remove unwanted hairs from the brow line, creating a sharper and more polished look. Unlike tweezing, waxing removes multiple hairs at a time, giving a much smoother finish in a shorter amount of time.