Microblading permanent eyebrows services in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Largo and Seminole Cities

Microblading permanent eyebrows services are the latest trend and becoming very popular. Permanent microblading eyebrows are one of many techniques of designing the perfect best microblading eyebrows for you. The only real highly trained National Board Certified Master Instructor with over thirty years is Karen Marlise. Karen has every color produced and is a PERMANENT EYEBROW MAKEUP designer for many years. She permanently kills the unwanted hair and designs the perfect eyebrow with micro-blading, powder best microblading eyebrows, hair stroke permanent eyebrows after evaluating what will serve the client best, and the client’s desires.Microblading permanent eyebrows services

Karen numbs the client two ways once with a topical and then after lightly applying color. She applies a numbing solution that is drawn into the open skin and the client feels zero discomforts throughout any permanent cosmetic procedure Karen does. Permanent makeup is not painful with Karen. She only uses the highest quality Premier Pigments something so important. The right tools, the right skills, quality work, no pain, this is just some of the reasons to have a Master do permanent work on your face. Plus, the right numbing agents from suppliers for permanent cosmetic makeup procedures.https://permanentchoices.com/permanent-choices-eyebrows/

Best microblading permanent eyebrows are the trend right now and give a lovely finish look to eyebrows. It is done with a hand tool and hair strokes are created throughout the eyebrow. She has every color produced to match every client’s coloring.

Karen Marlise is hands down the highest trained, experienced National Board Certified Master Microblading Eyebrows Expert since 1993. Karen has so many years doing permanent makeup daily and the highest-rated permanent makeup clinic in St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Tampa, and surrounding cities. Karen takes the time to deliver quality using only the highest quality inks and disposables. Karen does all forms of permanent eyebrows from best microblading eyebrows, permanent powder eyebrows, permanent hair stroke eyebrows, permanent pencil eyebrows and  Call Karen today for a free consultation at 727-512-4335. She does a free follow up visit 30 days after if needed. No one puts in the time that Karen does to ensure it is pain-free and done to your satisfaction. Karen has every color produced and she does beautiful nipples, areola pigmentation, scar camouflage, beautiful permanent full lip color and much more. This is Karen’s passion as an artist who paints, creates stain glass art. People’s faces are Karen’s canvas to create the most beautiful face that you wake up beautiful every day. Karen cares very deeply about her clients and is a very caring lady with a lifetime of helping people in all their personal needs.


If you want to be sure just read google reviews and what people say about Karen and you will know you have found the highest trained professional in Tampa BAy to help you with many different personal needs.

PERMANENT EYEBROWS – Microblading permanent eyebrows services in Clearwater, St Petersburg


Best microblading permanent eyebrows are the newest rage sweeping the country with permanent cosmetic makeup. Best microblading eyebrows in all kinds of methods Karen does and helps you to decide what type of permanent Micro blading eyebrows will suit you best. Permanent powder brows, permanent hair stroke eyebrows, permanent pencil eyebrows or micro blading brows.


Karen has been a National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Instructor for many years and done countless micro blading eyebrows and permanent eyebrows. Karen is a licensed medical professional for many years and uses only disposables, highly trained in sterilization and sanitation. Plus, Karen is a paramedical aesthetician as well as a Cosmetologist. So all those skills are bought into all the work she does. Karen is highly trained in color theory as well so the color matching your brows to your skin and hair color is applied and very important. There are all kinds of people doing permanent makeup today but, few have the training and the skill of Karen. Karen is a true artist  and the one who kinows how to fit the permanent cosmetics perfectly to enhance their looks. Karen guarantees her work so you can rest assured you will be happy.  Karen takes her time working with you choosing color, design, all the things needed to be comfortable.


Feel free to call today for a consultation at 727-512-4335 for the leading permanent cosmetic clinic that does micro blading eyebrows and permanent eyebrows in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and Tampa.  There are different ways to create mirco blading eyebrows and Karen will discuss with you. When having the best for your face is very important.  Her eyeliner applied so perfectly and you will love the freedom of never having to apply eyeliner that washes off or sweats off everytime you look.. The best thing you can do for yourself. Permanent makeup helps you to look your best without all the work, time, effort and endless applying in the Florida heat.

Microblading permanent eyebrows services in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Largo and Seminole Cities