Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetic Services By Karen Marlise

Aesthetics Karen Marlise DBA Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal

Aesthetics Karen Marlise

Aesthetics Karen Marlise

Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetics Services: Karen Marlise

If you are seeking beauty care be sure and call Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal by Karen is all you need to know. Aesthetic Service by Karen Marlise is truly the highest skilled permanent makeup, electrologist, laser hair removal, facials, skincare business in  St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole and Tampa hands down. Karen Marlise is a true master and it shows in every way. She has a lifetime of serving all kinds of people for all kinds of Aesthetic Services with great solutions.

I’m Karen: a Cosmetologist, Certified body waxier, National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Instructor/Artist, Clinical, Medical Electrologist, National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist, Paramedical Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Certified Body Waxier, Makeup Artist and Semi-Permanent Eyelash Artist beginning in 1982

In 1993 I spent almost a year in Southern California, Training as a permanent cosmetic artist, electrologist and massage therapist. I have been adding to the training ever since.

Trained and skilled in the beauty business; I love my work, people… I believe that honest quality and personal service sets me apart from my competitors.

Client convenience always comes first and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule day, including evenings and weekends.

We offer a discreet, professional service and a completely private salon… for private services and beauty solutions.

Karen Marlise has every high-class professional training you can think of in the aesthetics beauty department with certifications & qualifications in Permanent Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Skin Renewal Procedures, Cosmetology and much more.|Karen Marlise is fully qualified for every service you need with many high-class certifications achieved after spending many hours of professional hands-on training throughout her career.}

All medical procedures are performed by the best doctor in town, Dr. Valdes, which provides: Laser Treatments, Botox & Fillers, Spider Vein & Photo Facial Treatments, Brown Spot Removal as well as various other cosmetic services offered through Aesthetics By Karen Marlise. Laser Hair Removal Treatments are performed by Karen Marlise under the direct supervision of Dr. Valdes.

Tampa Bay’s Most Trained and Experienced Leading Aesthetic Expert

Karen Marlise has more than 32 years of experience in all areas of hair care and body care. Her services range from permanent hair removal, greatest paramedical facials, waxing to permanent cosmetics, with numerous other services in between. Scalp massage during a facial, which releases stress; depilatory services, which create a sleek physique; and permanent makeup and brow design help to put a person’s best face forward.

Please keep in mind that these prices are just a base price and many times I can do better pricing depending on various factors. The more services done the better discount I can offer. The only thing that brings you back is great results – not contracts….

  • Over 32 years experience
  • Private care and specialized service
  • No Contracts
  • All Skills brought together when offering a service
  • Highest Skilled, Experienced, Trained Master Beauty Artisan in Tampa Bay

When it comes to special service, permanent cosmetic makeup, permanent hair removal and laser hair removal you want to Trust your body to a professional with over 32 years experience and training.

I love my profession & helping others

Karen Marlise love's being a beauty expert

I have been in the beauty business all of my professional life. Aesthetics by Karen Marlise DBA Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal has been my business for years helping serve Tampa Bay.

I truly love my work and throughout the years I have been certified in every area of beauty possible.

I started as a Cosmetologist in 1982 and as time has gone on I have expanded my training. I learned early the best guarantee that you will always be working is be the best at what ever you do. So that has been my mission to be the best and give my clients everything I can possibly do regarding my work.

I am a great permanent cosmetic artist. I started by going to a permanent cosmetic college in southern California in 1993. It was a 300-hour certification and from the day I could, I performed permanent makeup on every person possible while at the school. At the time I was living in Alaska and knew I better be good and know everything needed before going home. The owner of the school put his 25-year-old daughter to teaching me daily the whole time I was there because I told them I was leaving if I wasn’t coming away with true training. The owner made sure that happened.

At the electrologist school I went to I was lucky to have a 24 year experienced transgendered electrologist who came in daily for cheap work done by students. I made a deal with the electrologist to work on her at lease 3 hours per day if she would teach me everything she knew and she did. She wanted to be cured and be sure not to damage her skin so it was important for her to teach me well. She is the reason I am a great electrologist. She taught me every trick of the trade to be fast and perfect.

Anyway, I don’t want a big business or flip clients like a hamburger. I want to be known as a place where you will receive a fair, honest, quality service you feel happy about after it is done. I work very hard to make sure that happens. I work with a great doctor and we both know the business of caring for people. I have many clients I have had a long term relationship with since I started business in Florida almost twelve years ago. People that know me know I care and I give my best! I hope I get a chance to meet you and help you.

2nd Place Winner – International Contest of Masters in Permanent Cosmetics Expo

The International Contest of Masters in Permanent Cosmetics Expo was held in Dallas, Texas in October of 2007 where Karen competed among international masters in permanent cosmetics. Karen took 2nd place among the talented competitors and looks forward to next years competition.
Karen Marlise selected as local expert in St. Petersburg, Florida

Karen Marlise was selected by ExpertVillage as the local expert in permanent cosmetic’s in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the Tampa Bay area as a result of extensive research by ExpertVillage to find the best in the field of permanent cosmetics in the Tampa Bay area. What the village experts found was an extensive list of training and credentials on Karen not only on her site but on various other sites on the web. Karen was invited to be listed as their permanent cosmetic expert on the nationally reviewed website where she will be demonstrating the master skills of permanent cosmetics as well as laser techniques in hair removal and photo rejuvenation. Karen’s video demonstration and techniques on permanent cosmetics and laser techniques is scheduled to be filmed March 10, 2008

My clients are very important to me!

My private salon provides an excellent environment for my clients to receive their body care needs in permanent makeup, permanent cosmetic corrections, permanent hair removal – electrolysis, permanent hair reduction treatments, laser hair removal, body waxing, skin renewal treatments – photo rejuvenation, physician’s peels, photo facials, hair care services and special aesthetic services such as eyelash extensions, eyebrow designs, scar camouflaging, skin repair & more.

Most of the people who come into my office are referred to me by my clients. Now you too have the opportunity to get the best body aesthetic services in the Tampa Bay area and feel confident and satisfied you are in the care of a certified licensed professional.

My first priority is knowing my clients feel comfortable, confident and relaxed. You will be satisfied knowing that you are getting the best quality personal care for your money. Men and women – come and get the best hair removal services, the best permanent cosmetic services, the best hair care services and the best skin care services.

Give me a call to speak with me now, (727) 512-4335 or send me an email and I’ll be happy to schedule a FREE consultation to help evaluate your skin care, hair care and body care needs. You’ll be amazed at what can be done to regain that youthful look or how your morning routine can be minimized via a few excellent tips. You can always contact me by sending a message online.

Please take a moment to review my credentials and read the 5 Star Reviews written by my clients. You will also find video clips here that demonstrate my performance in laser hair removal and permanent cosmetics application.

My motto is “Put Your Best Face Forward” Tampa laser hair removal price I am certified in Physician’s Micro-Dermabrasion and Micro Dermabrasion Facials that help to reduce wrinkles, even up skin tones and renew your skin to a more youthful glowing complexion. I hold a License in Clinical and Medical Electrology, A National Board Certificate in Laser Hair Removal, and I am a Certified Professional.

Body Waxing Specialist I specialize in Customized Bikini Wax Services as well. I am a National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetics Artist and a Master Instructor of Permanent Makeup. Yes! I even offer private training in permanent cosmetics at every level. I also do Semi Permanent Eyelashes, Master Eyebrow Design & Shaping, and Corrective Cosmetics if you have had the unfortunate luck of hiring someone who was not experienced. In addition, I also have training in scar camouflaging and areola restoration permanent cosmetics. I provide facials, peels and many types of skin renewal and skin correction services. My physician and I can help you put your best face forward with Skin Renewal & Photo Rejuvenation to smooth, tighten and Repair Sun Damaged Skin from your hands, face, chest, arms, shoulders and other areas on your body to Skin Tag Removal & Spider Vein Removal.

If you have any questions on any of the services I offer, please give me a call at 727-512-4335 or send me an email.


Karen Marlise Signature

Florida’s renowned Karen Marlise, CCE CME CLHR CPCMI – Sole Proprietor Karen Marlise is the most sought after Permanent Cosmetic Master Artist, Electrologist, Para-medical Aesthetican and National Board Cerified Laser Hair Removal Expert. A lifetime of training and experience brought to you in any or all of Karen Marlise’s services.

Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal - Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

The highest skilled and trained permanent cosmetic artist in Tampa Bay!

Service Information

All free consultation recommendations are offered by Karen Marlise, the best expert beauty specialist in town. Karen is very gracious to her clients, she works very hard to make it affordable to seek out treatment. Karen owns her own business outright and basically works as hard as she can to keep costs as affordable as possible for all clients.

Once something is priced out for you and treatment begins, it remains the same throughout treatment.

A man can be treated today and a few years later may need to come back for another treatment. You many not be cured forever because it all depends on the person and the personal factors that affect their hair, for example heredity. There may not be enough hair to warrant a laser hair removal treatment, in this case there will be short sessions of electrology will be administered.

Whats best for the client is first and foremost. Karen cares about her clients receiving the best appropriate treatments possible, before money.

Karen will look at the whole situation on what is going to look best for the man and then tell them what she thinks needs to be treated to have them look right.

Karen believes there is no competition or service in the area that can compare to be more fair and priced lower offering the same quality level of service with expertise as extensive as Karen’s.

The expertise of Karen Marlise is unmatched, she has the most training and 32 plus years of experience satisfying thousands of clients. Many men and women don’t know everything there is about grooming for the sexiest and most attractive look. That’s A OK, because Karen Marlise is here to blow you away with her beauty consultations and skilled services. Karen really knows how to bring out the beauty in every person she helps.

Karen is a true professional who is very honest and a real hard worker with a knack for perfection. Not only does Karen have many happy customers, she has received great feedback with rave reviews from many people whos lives have been wonderfully changed thanks to Karen.

On-site (supervising) Physician services are available including photo facials, botox, fillers, erbium laser, spider vein removal, and many other aesthetic services.

Mission Statement

Hi, I am Karen Marlise . . . Aesthetics Karen Marlise/ Beauty expert, highest trained and experienced Master Beauty Artisan in Tampa Bay and not just in skin, hair removal or hair but, in many areas. This is my life passion that I started as a teen and now almost 60. I have spent a lifetime traveling, learning, studying, adding skills from the the top trainers in everything I ever wanted to learn. I have spent countless amount of money invested in training throughout the years and feel like it is never enough. I am always seeking whatever is new and want to be the best at everything I do..

. If you have done your homework and researched the educational requirements that The State of Florida expects from permanent hair removal & medical electrolysis practitioners (including: laser hair removal and permanent hair reduction specialists, laser hair removal safety officers, permanent cosmetic makeup artists & laser techs) you will find I have every license and training required by The State of Florida to provide you with the safest aesthetic services available in the Tampa Bay area. In fact, I have more education than is actually required – that, coupled with my decades of experience, is why I am the best at what I do . .

My expert skills in permanent hair removal, laser hair removal, laser safety procedures, permanent cosmetics & corrections, skin renewal rejuvenation, tattoo removal services plus any hair care needs, are just a phone call away. Simply dial (727) 512-4335 right now and speak with me.

Enjoy a relaxing, personal, serene experience with a master professional!

TNational Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist, certified Medical & Clinical Electrologist, and California certified permanent cosmetic artist with advanced National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Instructor/Artist. I am also trained in therapeutic massage. I believe in trying to be the best, that’s why I went to California, a state that has some of the highest requirements in the country. I have the latest training in laser operation and I am a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. I am also an active member of the Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR) as well as the Electrolysis Society of Florida (ESF). Because I believe in giving back to my community I am also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, BNT, and other women’s groups.

I offer personal, unrushed attention as a professional who listens and provides top-grade services at reasonable prices. I stand behind my work, because I get it right the first time! My whole career has included people of every lifestyle, from dancers to businessmen and women, from teens and the elderly to transgenders and gays. Respect is given to all who need my skills – head to toe!

Serving the Tampa Bay Area:
Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, including Orlando, Trinity, New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Largo, Clearwater, Hudson, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Belleair Bluffs, Countryside, Seminole, Pinellas Park and the beautiful Gulf Beaches of Florida from Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Redington Beach, Madiera Beach to Treasure Island & St. Pete Beach.

  • Masters Instructor Certification Permanent Cosmetics

    National Board Certified Permanent Cosmetic Master Artist

    Instructors Certification

    Karen received her “Masters Instructor” certification in 2007.

    In order to receive this certification, you must successfully exhibit a high level of excellence, demonstrating knowledge with proven written, practical, and oral exams, achieving qualifications on being a Masers Technician. This was awarded by the president of Premier Pigments, and director of education, Sandi Hammons.

    Karen was already a Master and then flew from Florida to Arlington Texas. Karen spent a week to achieve the “Masters Instructor” certification and this certification was by no means simple.

    You must have already achieved being a Master with a “Masters” certification, and good experience before you can even apply for the “Masters Instructor” certification. You also can’t get a “Masters” certification until you have achieved advanced training.

  • Masters Certification Permanent Cosmetics

    National Board Certified Permanent Cosmetic Master Instructor

    Masters Certification

    In 2007, Karen was presented her “Masters” certification from Sandi Hammons of the the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics. This is another certification that Karen traveled and received in Arlington Texas.

    With her certification, Karen has successfully exhibited a high level of excellence, demonstrating knowledge with proven written, practical, and oral exams, achieving qualifications on being a Masers Technician.

    You can only pass and receive this certification if you have been in the field for a long time and are at the highest level of education and technique with procedures.

  • Laser Safety Officer

    Florida Board Certified Laser Safety Officer

    Laser Safety Officer
    In 2001, Karen received her Laser Safety Officer certification from J & S Surgical Services, LLC. The Instructors for Laser Safety Officer certification were John M. Mills, RN, BSN, and J. Sandy Isbell, RN

    Karen Marlise has satisfactorily completed all components of training required for certification as a Laser Safety Officer. Karen has completed all aspects of training as required by the American National Standards Institute, ANSI z 136.3 Standards, The Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities.

    With this certification you understand the best laser safety routines and how to operate the laser safely for the client.

  • Florida Board Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologist

    Florida Board Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologist
    First you have to take a real long exam for Clinical Electrology and you really need to know a lot about the field to pass the test.

    Once that is achieved, you can take the medical certification exam. The certification is very intense and includes a lot of information about laser hair removal as well.

    If you pass the test, you really must have the knowledge and know your field very well. Karen knows her field very well and has become an expert through all of her advanced training and certifications.

  • National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional

    National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional
    Only after you have achieved, clinical electrologist and medical electrologist and 50 long approved hours of laser training will you be able to achieve national certification as a laser hair removal specialist.

    The training is specific to the career. No doctors or nurses in Florida have to undergo any of this and they are capable and allowed by Law to fire lasers, which is considered unfair by Karen.

    When you are seeking a laser hair removal specialist, you want to receive treatment from a National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional. These individuals, like Karen, have advanced training in laser hair removal.

    Your results are bound to be better than somebody who is not trained but a few hours by the person who sold them their laser.

  • Certified Body Waxing Specialist

    Certified Body Waxing Specialist

    Karen has taken numerous classes on waxing throughout her many years of beauty education and training.

    Karen has been certified by Trend Manufacturing, who is a big distributor of wax. Unfortunately, this organization has closed.

  • Florida Licensed Cosmetologist

    Florida Licensed Cosmetologist
    Karen became a Florida Licensed Cosmetologist through the Tomlinson Adult Education Center in St. Petersburg Florida.

    In 1982, Karen completed a total of 1200+ hours in a satisfactory manner the competencies prescribed by the school and the State of Florida for Cosmetology.

    The Instructors were Thomas Harding, and Gabrielle Payelte, and Sandra Mungiori (the hardest teacher on the planet).

    Karen had to go Tallahassee and stand in front of the board of cosmetologist to perform many procedures. Karen passed with an exceptionally high score.

    This includes all areas of beauty, from facials, to pedicures, to hair care, body treatments with hair removal and waxing.

  • Florida Licensed Clinical and Medical Aesthetician

    Florida Licensed Clinical and Medical Aesthetician

  • Certified Massage Therapist

    Certified Massage Therapist

Professional Training & Qualifications

  • Permanent Hair Removal

    Permanent Hair Removal

  • Permanent Cosmetics

    Permanent Cosmetics

  • Skin Renewal Procedures & Cosmetology

    Skin Renewal Procedures & Cosmetology

  • Karen Marlise is an active member of the following organizations

    Karen Marlise is an active member of the following organizations
    – Florida Society of Electrologists
    – Florida Association of Electrology
    – Member of the St Petersburg Florida Chamber of Commerce
    – Greenpeace Protects and Conserves the Environment
    – Defenders of Wildlife – Preservation of all wild animals and native plants
    – PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
    – NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • Electrolysis Association of Florida

    Electrolysis Association of Florida
    – Hormone Imbalances 2 hours – 02/2008
    – Self Motivation for Optimal Results 2 hours – 02/2008
    – Food: Medicine / Poison ? / Woman’s Health 2 hours – 02/2008
    – Thermography 2 hours – 02/2008
    – Cosmetic Dermatology – 10/2007
    – Introduction to Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – 10/2007
    – Herbal Medicine To Revolutionize Health Care – 10/2007
    – Stressors that Affect Women Today – 10/2007
    – Develop and Maintain Positive Mental Attitude – 10/2007

  • Electrolysis Society of Florida

    Electrolysis Society of Florida
    – Blood Borne Pathogens – 09/2008
    – Hirstutism: Facts and Myths 2 hours – 02/2008
    – Laws and Rules of Electrology 1 hours – 02/2008
    – Prevention of Medical Errors 2 hours – 02/2008
    – February 2008 Electrolysis Society of Florida Meeting 6 Hours 02/09/2008
    – Use and Misuse of Topical Anesthetics – 09/2007
    – Regulations for the Electrolysis Profession – 09/2007
    – Reactions to Victimization & Basic Crisis Intervention – 09/2007
    – 2007 Annual Electrolysis Society of Florida Meeting 6 Hours 09/08/2007
    – February 2007 Electrolysis Society of Florida Meeting 6 Hours 02/10/2007
    – Treating Transgender Clients – 02/2007
    – February 2006 Electrolysis Society of Florida Meeting 6 Hours 02/11/2006
    – HIV/Aids Training – 01/2006
    – Peach Tree Professional Education Inc. – 01/2006
    – Persistent Hair Growth Training – 01/2006
    – How To Handle Clients In Crisis – 01/2006
    – Use And Misuse of Topical Anesthetics – 01/2006
    – Drug Induced Photo Sensitivity & Hirsutism – 01/2006
    – Prevention of Medical Errors – Pinellas County – 09/2002
    – Prevention of Medical Errors – Pinellas County – 02/2002
    – Prevention of Medical Errors – Pinellas County – 01/2006

  • Semi Annual Continue Education in Permanent Hair Removal

    Semi Annual Continue Education in Permanent Hair Removal

  • Florida Approved Continuing Education For Healthcare Professionals

    Florida Approved Continuing Education For Healthcare Professionals
    – Prevention of Medical Errors – 11/2007
    – The Human Body – 12/2007
    – Public Safety Education by the State of Florida – 02/2007 – CPR
    – Florida Laws And Rules on the Practice of Electrology (3 Hours)- 04/2006
    – Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome & Insulin Resistance – 12/2004
    – Endocrine System Training – 12/2004
    – Laser Blazers Training Certificate – Cont. Edu on various lasers. – 04/2003
    – Introduction to Electrology
    – Electrology Modalities
    – Epilation Destructive Patters I & II
    – Law and Electrology
    – Electrolysis Over Treatment
    – HIV/Aids Including Bloodborne Pathogens (2 Hours)
    – CCTE

  • Ohio Institute of Electrology – 2001

    Ohio Institute of Electrology - 2001

  • Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists, Inc.

    Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists, Inc.

  • Nationally Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologist – 02/2002

    Nationally Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologist - 02/2002

  • J & P Surgical Services

    J & P Surgical Services
    – Florida Accredited Credentialed Laser Technician – 2001
    – Certified Laser Safety Officer – 12/2001

  • Milpitas Electrolysis College

    Milpitas Electrolysis College
    – Cosmetic Tattoo – 300 hrs.
    – Cosmetic Tattoo, Trained & Certified – 1993
    – Therapeutic Massage Graduate – 1993
    – Graduate of Electrology – 1993

  • The Society of Medical Hair Removal

    The Society of Medical Hair Removal

  • Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHR)

    Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHR)
    The Nations highest level certification in laser hair removal. – 02/2007

  • Florida Legislative Updates

    Florida Legislative Updates
    – Laser Physics / Laser Safety (6 hrs)
    – Electrolysis Continued Education Seminar – 04/2006

  • CE For Health Care Professionals

    CE For Health Care Professionals
    – Florida Laws and Rules on the Practice of Electrology 3 Hours 04/01/2006
    – Basics of HIV/AIDS, Including Blood-Borne Pathogens 2 Hours 04/01/2006

  • Lumenis Laser Training

    Lumenis Laser Training
    Optimizing IPL and ND: Yag Treatment of Vascular Lesions On All Types of Lasers – 03/2007

  • Medical Equipment Marketing

    Medical Equipment Marketing
    – Hands-on Training Lumenis Light Sheer Diode Laser – 02/2004

  • Additional Laser Training

    Additional Laser Training
    – Managing Complications in Laser Hair Removal – 6/2009 – Palomar Advanced Laser Training – 09/2005
    – Synergie Light Therapy Training – 08/2005
    – Palomar Laser Training – 03/2002
    – Novalis Laser Training – 08/2005
    – Photoepilation (Laser/Light) Technician – Radiancy Inc. – 2001

  • International Intradermal Cosmetic Expo

    International Intradermal Cosmetic Expo
    – Color Applications for Ethnic Skin – 10/2007
    – Everything New and Exciting for Aestheticians – 10/2007
    – Areola Applications – 10/2007
    – Color Correction Clinic – 10/2007
    – Eyebrow Essentials – 10/2007
    – Eyelash Perming – 10/2007

  • International Contest of Masters in Permanent Cosmetics Expo

    International Contest of Masters in Permanent Cosmetics Expo
    – Karen Marlise 2nd Place – Dallas Texas 10/2007

    In 2007, Karen was at the Permanent Cosmetics Masers Expo held in Dallax Texas.

    Karen won 2nd place, competing against many of the top permanent cosmetic master artists throughout the United States.

    There was a board of judges and you could choose the procedure. Karen chose one of the most difficult ones to show her expert ability, a full lip procedure was selected.

    The board of judges , judged from everything from intake to sterilization to technique, throughout the whole situation. Your scores came from all different areas.

    Karen placed second, and there was rumor the person who won first place was actually a friend of the owner.

    It was a wonderful experience for Karen to win 2nd place and have her work recognized and highly regarded by real professionals. Karen received a really nice 3 foot tall trophy for 2nd place.

  • American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Austin, Texas

    American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Austin, Texas
    – Permanent Cosmetic Master Instructor Certification – 10/2007
    – Permanent Cosmetic Master Certification – 10/07
    – Specialty Advanced Training/Hands-on Clinic – 03/2003
    – Paramedical and Camouflage Workshop – 03/2003
    – Advance Training – 09/2002

  • Florida Board of Cosmetology

    Florida Board of Cosmetology

  • Aproved provider of continuing education for Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians, and Specialists under the Florida Board of Cosmetology.

    Aproved provider of continuing education for Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians, and Specialists under the Florida Board of Cosmetology
    – Sterilization and Sanitation – 09/2007
    – Florida Board of Cosmetology Laws & Rules – 09/2007
    – HIV/AIDS – 09/2007
    – Chemical Make-up – 09/2007
    – Environmental Issues – 09/2007
    – Worker’s Compensation – 09/2007
    – OSHA Regulations – 09/2007
    – Tax Responsibilities for the Personal Service Worker – 09/2007

  • History of Intradermal Cosmetics Hands-on Training

    History of Intradermal Cosmetics Hands-on Training
    – Color Chemistry Ten Minute Eyeliner
    – Working with Shader Bars Choosing Specific Colors
    – Scar Camouflage Mixing Flesh Colors
    – Areola Restoration Corrective Color Theory
    – Proper Stretching Techniques Practical Applications
    – Full Lip Color in one treatment Paramedical Procedures
    – Consultation Interview Guidelines Special Problems
    – Eliminating touch ups Machine Workshop

  • Additional Training in Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Skin Care & Hair Care

    Additional Training in Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Skin Care & Hair Care
    – Lycon – Brazilian Waxing Workshop – 09/2007
    – Medical Aesthetic Classes – 2001
    – Aesthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference
    – EURO SO. CAP Hair Extension Training – 08/2005
    – Sonäge Paramedical Training – 07/2005 – Trend Manufacturing Corporation
    – Pinellas Health Science Education – 12/2004 – The Natural Process of Aging
    – Great Lengths Hair Extensions Class (Don Cesar) – 06/2004
    – AVEDA Trained, Self-renewal Face & Body – 1999
    – Hands-on, Trained and Certified Micro-Dermabrasion – 1999
    – Babor Cosmetics – Germany Training – 1993 – 1998

  • Laser Blazers Training School

    Laser Blazers Training School
    – Prevention of Medical Errors 2 Hours 04/28/2008
    – Laser Blazer Live Presentations 6 Hours 04/30/2006

  • Society For Clinical and Medical Hair Removal

    Society For Clinical and Medical Hair Removal
    – Certification of Preparation Seminar 3 Hours 02/24/2007

  • Peachtree Professional Education, Inc.

    Peachtree Professional Education, Inc.
    – HIV, Hepatitis and STDS #1 Video 3 Hours 03/24/2006

  • Pinellas County Schools

    Pinellas County Schools
    – Prevention of Medical Errors 3 Hours 02/21/2006

  • Southern Association of Colleges & Schools

    Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
    – Accredited Cosmetologist – 1982

  • Additional Education & Training

    On Tuesday July 26 2011, Karen participated in further training including 2 hours for HIV/AIDS, 3 hours of Sanitation and Sterilization, 4 hours of State and Federal Laws and Rules, OSHA 2 hours, Worker’s Comp 2 hours, Chemical Makeup 2 hours, Environmental issues 1 hr, all done for Florida Cosmetology Educators Provider Number 0001651 Course Number 0007920.

Aesthetics by Karen Marlise – Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal