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Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup
is the facial tattoo art using different colors of cosmetic ink on the skin, which creates the permanent effect of nice facial makeup. This cosmetic ink will follow the natural lines of a person’s facial features, accommodating several things like aging and continual enhancement of beauty, etc. The tattoo art will last for years and mimic makeup and ultimately enhance beauty without ever having to deal with some of the daily applications of make up products that can be expensive.

“You can have a lifelong sexy look with permanent makeup treatment from Aesthetics by Karen Marlise”

48 hours Cancellation Is Needed For Canceling a Permanent Cosmetic Procedure

$50.00 Deposit for Booking Applied To The Work

Karen Marlise offers the best permanent cosmetic makeup services


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Before and After

Karen Marlise has over 23 years of experience in master permanent makeup. Karen is committed to helping men and women enhance their natural beauty through permanent cosmetic makeup.

  • National Board Certified master permanent makeup artist
  • National Board Certified Permanent Cosmetic Master Instructor
  • A winner in the International Permanent Cosmetics Masters, in Dallas Texas

You can have a lifelong sexy look with Master Permanent Cosmetic from Aesthetics by Karen Marlise.

Karen Marlise specializes in designer brows, custom eyeliner, full lip color/blended lip liners, and more.

Aesthetics by Karen Marlise is honored to offer specialized treatment after mastectomy with areola reconstruction and restoration.  She also performs scar camouflage, beauty marks, blush, and blending away scars from facelifts. Karen does a lot of hair transplant camouflage work, by creating cosmetic hairs throughout the client’s scar.  The end effect is the diminishing appearance of the scar. Karen can create many hairs of different colors and sizes, replicating the appearance of natural hair.

There are many kinds of Master Permanent Makeup to apply for a client.  It’s best to call Karen Marlise and schedule a free consultation.  She will analyze your permanent cosmetic makeup needs and desires, then discuss the best looking permanent make up.

Some Master Permanent Cosmetic procedures are permanent lip color, permanent lip liner, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent cosmetic makeup corrections, tattoo removal scar camouflage, skin discoloration camouflage, among others.  The most common treatments are permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner, and permanent lipstick.  Many women enjoy the hassle-free and beautiful look of Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Services.  Some Men also receive Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up as well.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Services Color Applications for All Skin Colors


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Color Applications for All Skin ColorsEthnic Permanent Cosmetic Needs Only a True Expert because of the untones in skin color. This is specialty with color choices and training. If the Master Permanent Cosmetic choices are in line with the color of Ethnic skin there is a serious problem.
Karen Marlise first analyzes her client’s complexion. She determines warm or cool undertones along with the proper color selections to ensure a flawless final result. Karen Marlise has extensive skill in color selection, saturation, contrast and color balance to obtain desired results. She is skilled in the art of color layering, color mixing, and color correction. Ultimately, Karen finds the ideal colors to satisfy your request, with colors best for your skin type.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup for the Lips


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup - Red Lip ColorFull Lips

As women and men age so does their natural lip color. Full lip color can be recreated with Master Permanent Cosmetics, and is a great lip enhancer and clarify to the lips. Karen Marlise has many great colors from the most natural to the boldest reds and solid permanent wine lip colors. These colors last for years. You can wear any color lipstick over the master permanent makeup.

Lip Tinting

Lip tints are a glossing of color or a enhancement of color. It is just a casing of color instead of a solid color. This gives the lips a natural look and a softer appearance. A large selection of tints are available to choose from, as well as solid lip colors.

Lip Liner

Master permanent cosmetic lip liner can be applied to give more definition and correct uneven lips. This will result in a fuller appearance of the lips. Permanent Lip Liner also helps prevent lipstick from bleeding. It can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, too.

Permanent Blush and Permanent Makeup Color Correction


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Blush
Permanent Blush

Most women apply color to their cheeks every day to give their face a healthy youthful appearance. Imagine how excited they will be to find out that they could have this look all the time. Karen performs blush procedures that are designed as a natural enhancement. Karen covers client concerns, color selection and shading techniques that work specifically for contouring cheeks.

Permanent Facial Contouring: Permanent Facial Shading: Karen applies softly slightly darker flesh tones to add shading and contouring to facial features. This is masterful work only a very experienced Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist with many years experience has the skill to achieve correctly.

Permanent Makeup Color Correction

Karen Marlise can improve undesired results from procedures performed by other providers. She has the training, techniques and skills necessary to correct blue lips and distorted lip liner.

Permanent Eyebrows and Eyeliner / Microblading Semi-Permanent Eyebrows



Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal - Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows

Permanent Powder Eyebrows

This is a permanent cosmetic technique that creates a soft powder appearance eyebrow. The appearance of soft powdered makeup.

Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows

This is done with creating a base or standard permanent eyebrow created first and then after using one or two colors or three different colors and creating depth to the eyebrow with hairs throughout the brow to give a very natural appearance.

Micoblading Semi-permanent Eyebrows

This technique creates hairs using a hand tool. A soft hair strokes throughout the brow. This lasts for a year or two.


The Perfect Eyebrow is when a client grows a nice brow and just want to give a perfect, finished appearance. That is when Karen Marlise adds color matching the client’s hair color behind the hair growth. So the client doesn’t need to apply eyebrow powder or pencil to achieve the perfect, finished appearance. Freedom from makeup daily. This gives a great permanent natural looking eyebrow.

Permanent Eyeliner Before and After

Permanent Make Up Eye Liner Before & After Pictures

Permanent Make Up Eyeliner Before & After Pictures

Permanent Eyebrow Before and After

Permanent Make Up Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent Make Up Eyebrows Before & After Pictures

Permanent Cosmetics Before and After

Permanent Make Up Cosmetics Before & After Pictures

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