Transgender Transition Expert

Transgender Transition is just a lot of little steps adding up to be everything you choose it to be. Karen Marlise is a very kind, helpful lady that would be more than happy to assist you in any of her services to achieve your goals to look and feel beautiful. Karen Marlise is a hair removal expert with laser hair removal and electrology. Karen helps transgender women with transition from St. Pete, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Dade City, Sarasota, Tampa, Hudson, New Port Richey, St. Petersburg, Largo, Orlando, and all over Florida. Karen sees a lot of transgender women that are very young, very old and every age in between it doesn’t not matter.

Plus, Karen has many other licenses to help transgender women go through all the steps necessary to realize themselves the beautiful women they are. Karen is a Cosmetologist, Para-Medical Aesthetician, National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Instructor/Artist, makeup artist, eyelash artist, brow designer, and body waxier to name a few. Karen is seriously into clothing styles, design and can help in many ways.

Depending on your needs Karen would be more than happy to help you design a perfect eyebrow, with just waxing, electrology or permanent makeup. The same with makeup Karen can teach or can help you have permanent makeup  so never having to deal with applying makeup daily. If you have a hair problem Karen can cure it as fast it can possibly be done.  Karen helps to style hair and help you grow it out to your favorite type of hair style and hair color as well.

One of the first things most transgender ladies want to do is remove unwanted facial and body hair. Karen offers great prices to help the transgender women lose any unwanted hair with whatever form of hair removal requested.

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Transgender Can Be As Beautiful As They Chose To Be!


Trangender Transition Can Be Great.

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Transgender Transition Expert – Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg, Tampa, Tampa Bay