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Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
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by Erica on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal

I have always been a confident and proud African American woman, but for years plagued by cystic ingrown hairs, acne scarring and large pores. After years of dermatologists, waxing, and laser hair removal I found Karen Marlise. With over 30+ years of working with all skin types, she not only decreased and eradicated my hair problem, but created an overall treatment plan through electrology, chemical peels and permanent eye makeup to reveal the best skin I have ever had! With Karen, I am entering my 40's with a smoother complexion, less defined laugh lines and more relaxed visage.
THANK YOU Karen for helping reveal the best version of me!

It has been great helping you and you are looking more beautiful every time I see you.

by Pat Rowe on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
Permanent makeup

I was very hesitant about getting permanent makeup. I researched on the internet and word of mouth and decided on Karen. I am sooo happy that I did!!! First of all, she made me feel very much at ease and comfortable about the whole procedure. She also assured me that if anything wasn't to my liking she would fully stand behind her work. She is a true professional and wants you to be happy!! My biggest fear was that my eyebrows would be too dark and they are the perfect color!!! Karen knows her stuff! She has the experience/education necessary to please her clients. I love the color/shape of my eyebrows and eyeliner! So nice to wake up in the morning with them already done!! Wish that I had done it sooner!

by Glenda Miller on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
Permanent eyebrows

Karen is a very talented lady. I have been very leery of getting my eyebrows done and she has so much education and experience. She assured me and made me very at ease. I am so happy with my eyebrows. They are so beautifully done. The color is perfect. I would recommend her services. I will be back to see her. I'm thinking about getting my lips with permanent color. She said she can make them look a little fuller. I totally trust her eye for color and her expertise.

by Deborah on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
The BEST of the BEST

First off, I'm a Registered Nurse and over the many years I've had the privilege to work with many well known Plastic Surgeons so I know good work from bad work being the extreme perfectionist that I am. After having many permanent makeup procedures done by 5 different permanent makeup artist's, I stumbled across Karen and thank God I did. I am a true perfectionist and was very unhappy with the procedures I had done by other artist's in the area. She's a true Perfectionist, like myself, and a true artist. She even puts most Plastic Surgeon's to shame. She has done my eyebrows, eyelids, lips, and aureolas and I couldn't be happier. She has also done electrolysis on me and laser hair removal on my husband, who's also a perfectionist as well as a surgeon, and neither one of us could be more happy with our results. I plan to use her the rest of my life. Thank you Karen for being the BEST of the BEST! If you want the job done right the first time Karen Marlise is your girl.

by Dave Rountree on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
hair removal

Guys, I have had three hair removal sessions with Karen, so far. I cannot believe the results. I only wish i would have done this sooner. Quit thinking about it and just do it. You wont be sorry.

Thank you, Dave, for your review. I have done laser for so many years and know how to rid unwanted hair better than most. I know I cured your wife's hair removal requests and now lucky to take care of you. You both are such wonderful people it is a pure joy to serve you and thank you for calling on me.

by AJ on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
Best Laser Hair Removal in Tampa Bay!

I have to admit, I was nervous when I decided to get Laser Hair Removal, but the moment I met Karen Marlise, I knew I had met the best in the business. She has so much integrity (look at what other people have to say on Google Reviews!) Other med-spas will charge outrageous prices and use low power so that you're forced to get additional treatments. Not with Karen! She does what it takes to get the hair removed as fast and painless as possible. I'm 2 sessions in and my skin has never looked so good. She will take amazing care of you, so book a session with her today 🙂

Thank you AJ for the 5 star review. I know how you love having all that unwanted hair gone and how much easier life is once it is gone. I give the best laser hair removal treatment possible and safely. I make sure clients invest in themselves staying out of the sun first before starting laser hair removal treatment and stay out of the sun until finished so I can provide the best laser hair removal treatment possible.

by Alec on Aesthetics by Karen Marlise, d.b.a. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal
Karen is AWESOME!!

To my fellow guys out there, if you have been thinking about laser hair removal, but were too nervous, embarrassed, or whatever, to do it, go see Karen! It’s not just for women. Why suffer from constant painful razor burns and in-grown hairs when you don’t have to? It took me a long time to man-up and get it done. I did a lot of research on-line, and found out about Karen Marlise. Karen is awesome! She’s got 16 years of experience with laser. She’s got a great personality and is very honest. Her pricing is up-front and there are never any hidden charges. I’ve had a great experience with her, and have recommended her to my buddies who have thought of laser hair removal but were too reluctant to do it. Whether it’s your neck, back, or anywhere else, go get a consultation with Karen. You’ll be glad you did. I certainly am.

You are just as AWESOME...Thank you for calling on me. I truly enjoyed zapping you with my laser because I knew how much you wanted to be rid of that unwanted hair and I truly love to help people gives me something positive to do with my life that has meaning to me. I love to see people smile and if I can help that happen it makes my day.

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