Karen has over 30 years doing skin and can help you rid most problems with a medical facial. The best facial consists of examining the skin first. Then create a plan of action to help the client come away with an improved complexion. Some clients have blackheads, comedones, milia, skin tags, broken capillaries, spider veins and other issues that need attention. Often the photo facial can solve many of these problems with a series of three or so treatments a month apart. Karen uses Jan Marini Skin Research for her clients because she has found it to be one of the most quality solutions on the market. It is meant for the para medical esthetician. Karen owns her own business and takes the time to deliver a great solution. Karen performs a Lymantic drainage with every facial just to name one of the many parts offers. Usually after a deep cleaning using steam, extractions, then a strong peel, high frequency, galvanic if called for. All facials are customized to the client’s skin and needs. Karen will take her time to ensure you have the best facial in Tampa Bay with lots of facial massaging and lymphatic drainage. The medical facial runs $85. and you will discover it is the best $85. you have ever spent on caring and pampering yourself. Karen owns her business and only produces great services.

The Best Facial in Tampa Bay Paramedical Facial