Karen Marlise speciality is dark skin laser hair removal. Karen has a diode laser that will do all skin types and knows how to rid unwanted hair on all skin types.

Karen has a diode laser new and it is the greatest laser for dark skin because it has the wavelength that is safe for dark skin. There is no reason to suffer unwanted hair even if you have a suntan or dark skin. Now you can get treatment at an affordable price and a treatment that you will see results.

Karen knows how to kill the hair. It has been her profession in Tampa Bay since 1999. Karen was one of the first in the laser business and has had a lot of advanced training in how to kill hair effectively. Plus, Karen is an electrologist so whatever the laser can’t do Karen still can with the electrology service. Karen will give you 110% when you call on her for any services. Check out Karen’s reviews and see what people say about her beauty services. Dark skin laser hair removal takes more treatment than light skin laser hair removal but, Karen gives the best laser treatment possible to kill unwanted hair.

Indian, Middle Eastern, African American Dark Skin Laser Hair Removal

Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal - Diverse Skin Colors