The Best Priced Laser Hair Removal in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole and Tampa

100% PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL DONE THE RIGHT WAY. Laser permanent hair reduction and electrolysis is 100% permanent hair removal.

The Best of both worlds under one roof like it should have to be to serve people correctly.

Laser hair removal

Important facts about laser hair removal

Why Chose Karen for laser hair removal? There are many reasons. The first one is cost Karen’s prices are so much lower for comparable laser businesses by a large amount.

. Plus, many of them are not really comparable because they don’t have an 18 year experienced, advanced trained, National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Expert performing the work. That has had years using countless different lasers over the years. Karen personally prices per visit after assessing what is needed. Everyone is so different in color, size, need, etc. Karen offers the best price possible. She offers great laser discounts on multiple areas. The greatest part is you are stuck paying for treatment you may not need. Karen had her full legs done in 2001 and it only took 3 treatments. So why pay for what you might not need.

Not everyone is a laser hair removal candidate. Many women have slight facial hair and electrology serves better. If you are blond or redhead electrology is the only form of permanent hair removal. If your skin is really dark and the hairs are really whispy often electrology is a better solution. That why it is important to just call for a free, no pressure, just Karen’s educated opinion on what will serve you best.

Another great reason you are only charged for the treatment that you receive. There are no contracts, large costs, no binding contracts that give you zero but, locking you into very costly bills. So you end up after 8 treatments still with hair and then they will let you receive what they call half price laser hair removal treatments to continue. These discounted prices are usually much higher than Karen’s prices. Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal Permanent Hair Removal

Karen traveled all over the state of Florida to obtain all the advanced trained in laser hair removal. She learned lasers inside and out. She learned what is the best laser for the skin type, etc

. Karen aways just gives the best treatment possible safely. She does free consultations and works up the best prices possible for what you are seeking.