Prices for Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Permanent Makeup, Photo Facials, Facials and all other Services


My prices can’t be beat if you compare apples to apples. There is major differences in laser hair removal in more ways then you know.. Number on is using the right laser for the right skin type. Taking the time to produce great laser hai removal results. First by educating the client to stay out of the sun for a long period before starting laser hair removal treatments in many cases and remaining out of the sun on areas needing treatment until finished. Contrast is everything to many lasers. That means receiving the service quality that matches the price. This I know from so much research i giving people the best solution possible. I give prices and competiors do everything possible to not compare quality, standard of laser, taking the time to do the work correctly by charting the area so there is no miss. Not a quick hit and miss or using a pulse light.

“I have been in the beauty business since 1982 and give the prices I am proud of for Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal. I give the best price possible after evaluating the laser hair removal request and the amount of laser hair removal treatment requested at each visit. The more treatment purchased the better discounts can be applied. I have to evaluate the hair first to see if you are even a good laser candidate. If you have had years of sun and your skin is dark. That effect the amount of treatment that will be needed. I evaluate the color of the hair to inform you how effective your treatments will be and how many in my professional opinion it will take to solve your problem. I inform you that laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction which means around 75 to 85% is the best a laser will do. Even though in many cases I many times can do better than that and I do electrology as well. So after a certain amount of treatment I will have you come in unshaven so I can evaluate progress and see if the laser will continue to serve you enough to make it worth using or if it is time to finish the job with electrolysis..”

Thank you,

Karen Marlise Cowles CCE, CME, CLHRP, CPCMI

 These are prices for the National’s Top Notch Photo Rejuvenation Laser so much more superior to many on the market and a true expert who knows how to get the most out of this laser from many years of use. It has so many custom treatments to target sun damage, rosacea, pigment problems, wrinkles, renew crepey skin, old-looking skin, Renew skin, rebuilds collagen, tighten old skin, reduce wrinkles. When we use this you will have an appearance of a sunburn that will crust, you keep it moist with Aqua Flor ( bought at CVS or most local drug stores). First, just use ice after treatment until burning feeling is gone. You can apply Aqua flor or Aloe gel pure. Wash as usual gently and then apply the Aqua flor. No picking, rubbing, exfoliating early. This can cause scarring or problems. Just relax and let the skin heal totally. The excess, old, dead skin will wash away gently with time and after the skin is thoroughly healed you can exfoliate gently. After seven days and for the next month you will see great improvement with your skin and its appearance. It is very important to do a series to obtain the maximin success and skin like a pearl.

Photo Facial $250.

Neck $150

. Chest $295..

Shoulders $275.

Arms $199+

Legs $350+


Full Lip Color/-with liner of another color $650.

Lip Liner- $350.

Blush- $350.

Permanent Powder Eyebrows- $350.

Permanent Eyeliner-$400.

Permanent Eyeliner Top liner only- $250.

Permanent Cat Eyeliner $450.

Duel Color Permanent Eyeliner $500.

Permanent Hairstoke Eyebrows $450.+

Scar Camouflage- $250 +

Hair Reputation- $475+

Facial Contouring $350.+ \

Stretch Mark Camoflague $350 +

Chemical Peels all different strengths

Glycolic peels 50% $55.

Skin tag removal $95 per 15 mins.

Spider Vein Removal $250 per 30 mins

Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation Peel $175. equals a blue peel

Para-medical Facial $95.  which includes skin tightening, removing blackheads, milia, other problems, mask, photo light therapy, lymphatic drainage. This is a facial everyone should have whenever can get the time to do it. It is the most wonderful way to keep your skin top-notch.

Standard Facials $85. with massage, Jan Marini Skin Products

Electrology $30 for 15 mins, $48 half-hour, $85 one hour

Ear Piercing with earrings $45.

Ear Candling  $65. One hour sometimes takes two sets of candles

Body waxing

Brazilian wax woman $65, men $85, includes up the crack of the back

Leg wax Full leg including bikini $65.

Half leg $40.

Underarm $20.

Buttock $35.


HALF SET $50., FULL SET $100

German Eyelash, Eyebrow dye $35 each 




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