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Radiesse Facial Filler


Radiesse Facial filler is just one of the many facial fillers Dr. A. Valdes uses to help the client receive the long-lasting reduction of wrinkles. It is great for getting rid of deep nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth, He has used this product for years and knows what filler works best in what area of the face to achieve exactly what the client is looking for. 

What is RADIESSE Facial Filler® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine?

RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine is a dermal filler gel made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles with Lidocaine added for its anesthetic properties. The calcium hydroxylapatite particles help support skin and promote collagen growth to reduce the look of wrinkles and facial folds or to add volume.

Why do doctors use RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine?

Doctors, such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists, use RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine to reduce the appearance of facial folds and wrinkles. This can include the nasolabial folds between the nose and the mouth; the radial lip lines above the upper lip; and marionette lines, or smile lines, at the corners of the mouth. RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine can also help add volume, such as restoring shallow cheeks caused by fat atrophy; filling acne scars and other depressions or blemishes; contouring the jawline; correcting indentations or unevenness on the nose or chin, and reducing the appearance of bones and veins that become prominent as hands age. This dermal filler can act as an alternative to rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery as it corrects imperfections with a needle in an in-office procedure. Traditionally, doctors have used RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine to correct lipoatrophy, also known as the facial fat loss, in HIV patients.

How RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine works

RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine contains particles of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), which is commonly used in medicine and is a component of bone and teeth. When you inject the dermal filler gel, the particles add volume beneath the skin, supporting the skin and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles or folds. Although the CaHA gradually breaks down within the body, since it had acted as a scaffold for collagen to grow, it leaves behind these collagen fibers to maintain the volume. During the injection itself, the Lidocaine in RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine acts as an anesthetic, numbing the injection area to reduce needle pain and discomfort that the patient might feel.

When and how to use RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine

RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine usually lasts around eighteen months or longer, so your patient should return about everyone and a half to two years for another dermal filler treatment to maintain their results. Only qualified medical professionals should inject this dermal filler. To use RADIESSE® (+) 1.5ml with Lidocaine, first disinfect the treatment area



Radiesse Facial Filler

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