How To Design A Permanent Eyebrow

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Hair stoke Permanent Eyebrows

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Karen Marlise began creating permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows in 1993 at a permanent cosmetic college in southern California where she received her first certification for 300 hours of training. This was a great permanent cosmetic makeup college with full-time instruction. After achieving 100 hours of training Karen was permitted to perform permanent cosmetics makeup eyebrows with instructor support for customers at discounted rates. Karen rented a room from a local to achieve this education and was at the school until closing every day of the week not counting Sundays. Karen knew she needed to be the best and invest in training until she knew she knew everything possible about permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows or any permanent cosmetic procedure. Karen is very hard working and devoted to being the top of her profession.

Karen bought that education back home with her and began her career adding permanent cosmetics to her services. After some time passed Karen researched what she found to be one of the best permanent cosmetic colleges near Dallas Texas where she kept traveling to obtaining more and more training. This college is American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics. Where Karen training in every area of permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows. Karen learned how to perform permanent powder eyebrows, hair stroke permanent eyebrows and others. Karen is old school and works very hard to take care of her clients.

That is not all that is a consideration when it comes to permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows. Karen is a medical electrologist and has permanently designed eyebrows with permanent hair removal for many years and has been a Cosmetologist since 1982 doing makeup, skin and hair. So all those talents come into play when Karen creates permanent cosmetic eyebrows.

Karen has every color produced and only the highest of quality inks will she use so they last and stay true without changing for years.

You have a discussion with Karen on exactly what you are looking for. The color that matches your hair and your coloring. Karen has a large selection to choose from. Karen suggests bringing to the appointment your eyebrow pencil that you like. Plus, to come in with your eyebrows applied on the way you like to wear them so Karen can get an idea on what you like. Karen has learned from so many years of performing permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows that many women know exactly what they want. 

You fill out some forms, Karen applies numbing agent and starts to perform the work.

After your permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows are permanently applied any extra product is thoroughly wiped away to check your new permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrows. To ensure that they are evenly, thoroughly applied into the skin. Any adjustments needed are performed. The permanent cosmetic eyebrows are deeply cleaned to ensure even and thorough work has been achieved. Then Karen gives after-care instruction which is very simple.  A quick pic and now you have freedom…