The Best Microblade eyebrows in Tampa Bay

Microblading Eyebrow
The soft eyebrow that gives a finish look

If you want the highest skilled in permanent makeup in the industry and beautiful microblade eyebrows call Karen Marlise she can produce any type of permanent cosmetic procedure. She is a true artist and ma and Mircoblade is very popular. It is not always the best brow it depends on many factors. You can come in for a free consultation to discuss what will serve you best.

Karen would be more than happy to produce you a beautiful pair of beautiful microblade permanent eyebrows. I have every color produced and can do every style you might want. Often powder brows can be prettier. But, it depends on the face of the client, the brow hair, the client’s requests and many other factors.Karen has to work with and many the client wants it to look. No one will give you more than Karen will with time, skill, top tools, experience, your happiness insured. Mirco blade eyebrows don’t last but a year or two. Permanent powder brows last usually five or more years. Hairstroke brows last for years as well. Feel free to call on Karen for details and information. Karen has a lifetime of producing permanent eyebrows with electrology, permanent makeup, laser, dying and other methods to produce the perfect brow. Karen is a Master brow designer and the right one to speak to when it comes to your brows. She does men’s, teens and people in all walks of life.

This is so much more that a microblade eyebrow. This is done with a  powerful machine and one needle instead of an handtool. Karen does two through steps to ensure all permanent cosmetics is pain free. She only takes her time to ensure high qualiy and perfect work.