Hands down the highest trained and rated Master Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is Karen Marlise since 1993. She is a graduate of two national leading permanent cosmetic makeup colleges. Plus, a winner of the International Masters in Dallas in 08. Even Expert Village.com called on Karen Marlise Cowles to film as “ the leading expert in the field of permanent cosmetic makeup” back over 9 years ago.

If you want a fair price, quality work, and it is done right and your permanent cosmetic makeup to last for years. Then Karen Marlise is the only true choice. Karen spent over $30,000 learning all aspects of permanent cosmetic makeup and has done it daily since 1993.

In Florida, there is zero law requiring training.  Buyer beware it is in every salon and even in doctor offices but, that doesn’t make for a National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Instructor/Artist with the highest rated permanent cosmetic makeup clinic in Florida. Karen gives 110% to her work and has you back in 30 days to evaluate the results. If it can be improved upon Karen tweaks it to be sure it is perfect as possible. Those are just some of the reasons Tampa Bay Laser is the highest trained and rated master permanent cosmetic makeup clinic in Florida. Karen has been doing permanent cosmetic makeup work in Seminole since 1999 after moving here from Alaska. She does permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent blush, permanent eyeshadow, permanent beauty marks just to name a few items. Karen truly is a master at doing male permanent makeup that gives a male appearance and not a female. She corrects male permanent cosmetics because so many truly unskill artists doing what they are not really skilled at. Men’s permanent makeup needs only the most masterful artist or it can be a very serious problem trying to correct it. Karen repaired a man’s eyes which he searched everywhere trying to get it fixed because it looked like a woman’s eyeliner. He saw a plastic surgeon who quoted him 6500.00 to do surgery. Karen corrected it for $400. and the man loves it now. He walked around for 6 years with it wrong.

HIghest Trained and Rated Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Artist in Florida

Highest rated permanent makeup clinic

Karen is trained in all areas of permanent cosmetic makeup. She does all kinds of camouflage work, create nipples, does all kinds of permanent eyeliner, brows, lips and so much more.