If you check online and do your research you will learn that Karen is a graduate of two leading permanent cosmetic makeup colleges and trained in all aspects of permanent cosmetic makeup since 1993. You will learn there are 5-star reviews in large numbers all over the internet about being the “highest rated permanent cosmetic makeup clinic” in Florida.

Karen has spent a lifetime correcting or creating beautiful long-lasting permanent cosmetic lips, brows, liners, and many other services. Permanent cosmetic makeup is Karen’s passion and she loves to fix ms-shaped lips, design brows, micro-blading eyebrows, camouflage scars, create nipples or correct areolas, camouflage bald spots, enlarge lips, rid facelift scars, lipliners, correct terrible work (with is very common in Florida because no law requiring any training and there are so many untrained artists here in Florida. Karen respects the work so much and knew she had to be thoroughly trained by masters in all areas before getting seriously into the work. She invested in going to the best permanent cosmetic makeup college over and over again until she satisfied her skill. These are a few of the reasons Karen Marlise has the highest rated permanent cosmetic clinic in Florida.

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