Why is Karen Marlise the right choice for permanent cosmetics? There are many reasons other than Karen’s work is the highest quality permanent makeup produced in Tampa Bay for permanent cosmetic makeup.

It is so important to see a Master of permanent makeup when doing permanent services on your face. Plus, Karen has been licensed with the board of health and the state.

Karen can deliver the exact color, the exact shape, style, and permanent design you are seeking. Karen has been doing the work since 1993 and has traveled the nation to achieve the highest level of training possible.

Not only that Karen takes her time to achieve quality and listen to exactly what you are looking for. Her goal is your happiness and she cares deeply about only delivering quality workmanship. In Florida, there is no law requiring training and many will tell you they have all this training they don’t truly have. If you are wise be sure to see a true pro. It is your face and it can get costly to correct work.

Check for the diplomas from the permanent cosmetic colleges and then check out the permanent cosmetic colleges. Do your research so you are sure you are in the right hands.

Karen only creates perfect permanent makeup to check her reviews from clients. Training from two of the nation’s leading permanent cosmetic colleges, winner of the International Masters, called on by Expert Village.com to create some of the first permanent cosmetic videos as a leading expert in the field in 08, highest rated permanent cosmetic salon in Tampa Bay, highest trained and most experienced artist in Tampa Bay. These are a few reasons to call Karen Marlise when needing permanent makeup. Call anytime at 727-512-4335

Karen guarantees her permanent cosmetic makeup procedures so you know you will be done right. Permanent full lips Karen can help to fix lips that are too narrow or need shape correction. Karen’s lip liners are another form of enlarging the lips and giving lips more form. Karen has gentle lip tints for women and men that just want a slight color implantation.

Truly Talent, Skill, Experience Permanent Cosmetics Tampa Bay Karen Marlise

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