Ear Piercing

Karen has been piercing ears for thirty years. She carries the best piercing earrings she can buy that you will enjoy wearing  It is important to keep the earrings in for at lease three weeks turning them a couple of times a day using rubbing alcohol on clean fingers and put on a cotton ball and clean earring. Once totally healed you can easily remove and wear any earrings you choose.

Karen works 7 days a week and evenings so anytime you are free and want a added earring or your ear’s pierced call Karen Marlise she is more than happy to pierce your ears for you.

Maybe the old piercing hole is getting too large? Then it is time to move to a new area not affected by the old piercing and pierce the ears clear of that location. It is done very quickly and not even any pain. I do teens with parent’s permission. ID is required and release signed by parents. I priece with CZ that are very high quality and pretty to wear.

Ear Piercing 7 days a week

Ear Piercing – Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg, Tampa, Tampa Bay