Here are Aesthetics by Karen Marlise’s cancellation policies. i am giving my very best to serve everyone that needs me for services and it is almost impossible when I have last minute cancellation with every excuse under the sun. Usually using an instant illness that comes on just hours before the appointment.  Which I am sure is sometimes real but, more over made up because of many of reasons usually poor planning.  I can’t begin to have a life when people do this to me on a daily event so to prevent it and to keep my business in business I have policies that I have to put in play in order to maintain any kind of sanity. i DO SUCH MASTERFUL WORK AND I PROVIDE THE TIME TO ENSURE THE BEST WORK POSSIBLE

Permanent makeup procedures require 48-hour notice to cancel because they are two, three and four-hour appointments.  Which makes it impossible to have a personal life.There is a minimum  $50. miss appointment fee applied for missed services. A credit card will be taken to hold booking and no show fee applied from card if no correct notice is given. This posted and policy if you want services from Aesthetics by Karen Marlise.

There is a $50. miss appointment fee applied for no-shows,

Permanent makeup touch ups are an extra I provide to obtain perfection and only done after my evaluation. I produce perfect work and have some people just wanting it to be done double to try to get as much as possilble even though the work is perfect thinking the more the better and maybe it will last longer.  Touch ups are only for if something didn’t take or I see something that is not to my satisfaction. I only produce great work and gladly perfect a procedure if I believe from my many years it needs it. This is extra and not truly part of the service and if the touch up is canceled without notice I do not rebook unless a $100 fee is paid.

When I do the work it is checked by the client scrubbed to be sure everything is 100% and the client can ask for any adjustments to be done at that time. I am a master and my work is 100% applied throughly when produced..

Too many people now a days dont respect professionals time and like any medical office cancellation fees are put in place to help the business stay in business.

Now we take an credit cards to book any permanent makeup procedure to ensure correct treatment to the business.

Highest Skilled, Experienced Permanent Makeup Cancellation Polices