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Microblading Eyebrow

Microblading eyebrow expert in Seminole, Clearwater, Largo, the beaches, and Tampa is Karen Marlise. Karen has been trained in every method of semi-permanent and permanent eyebrows. She takes her time and ensures she is creating the eyebrow that you want. She takes her time ensuring that it is painless and done right.

If you truly care about your looks and your face don’t take a chance on anyone but, a Para-Medical Esthetician since 1982 and a National Board Certified Master Instructor with over 26 yrs doing permanent makeup daily. I just had a very unhappy lady yesterday come in because of poor micro bladed eyebrows.  She came in because she did her research and learned that the best microblading eyebrow expert clinic in Seminole, Clearwater, Largo, and Tampa is Karen at Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal.

They created an eyebrow that was way out of the natural lines of this women’s face and destroyed her eyebrows. Now she needs them removed everywhere outside the brow.

Karen is totally trained in permanent cosmetic corrections and applied her skill as a microblading eyebrow expert to repair what was done.

Karen is a medical electrologist that designs eyebrows for over 26 yrs. She is the true master of eyebrows and you won’t find that in these pop-up shops because of the rage of micro-blading.

It takes a true expert eyebrow designer and permanent eyebrows to know how to design the perfect eyebrow to fit someone’s face and color choice, ink choice, etc.

They used a black on this young lady that looked blue more than black. She was so upset and paid for saline removal that made it worst. Now they broke the capillaries in her skin so now she has permanently red skin where that was done.

Take the time to do your research to find the best in the business for permanent makeup and a microblading eyebrow expert is Karen