Skin Renewal Back and Facial Treatments

Peeling Off Mask that lifts all skin clean

Peeling Off Mask that lifts all skin clean

There are many people that suffer with awful problems on their backs and shoulders. Anywhere from skin tags, blackheads, milia, active acne, hair problems, seriously blocked pores that have been blocked for years. I have released blocked pores that  were so in need of care it was unbelievable but, people don’t see what is on their backs. Most clients tell me that they can’t get a doctor to touch it unless it is deeply infected and needs  to be cauterized. I deal with the other things before they turn into those problems and have been since 1992.

I have high powered brushes with a glandular scrub after doing a powerful salicylic acid peel. Then I get busy removing all the problems that the client has on their skin. I look for skin cancer signs and refer to a great dermatologist that I know if anything looks strange to me. I have spotted cancer on many occasion. Some people have so much sun damage photo rejuvenation treatments are the best solution if the skin is like leather. It is so beautiful the results even after just one treatment.

Many people need a back facial treatment and never had one. Treat your self and you won’t believe what you discover. Most never knew they had skin tags, milia and other skin issues because they couldn’t see behind them or take the time to find a way to get a good look. It is a must once in while because they have blackheads, comedones, pigment issues, active acne, scars and other unsightly skin problems.  Back facial treatments removes blackheads, Karen is your second set of eyes and takes care of ridding all comedones, pigment issues, active acne, scars, dead skin cells, and excess oil.  These problems cannot address themselves and clients often cannot effectively clean their own backs. When Karen is finished you are so refreshed and pampered you will almost float home.

“Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal is the Highest Rated Medical Spa in the Tampa Bay area”

Karen has been a Para-medical Aesthetician for over 30 years and has the equipment and skill to repair problem skin.  Many clients don’t realize they need a Back Facial Treatment, until they see the improvement after the back facial is completed.  Karen Marlise offers the best Back Facial Treatment in Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg, and the entire Tampa Bay area.

You can have a nicer sexier look with Back Facial Treatment by Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal.

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