I have helped transgender clients for many years do laser or electrology in preparation for sex-change surgery. Transgender sex-change surgery is very common nowadays and happy to see women be able to achieve it so much earlier in life.

Different Surgeons want the hair removal done differently but, all surgeons. Doctor Bowers is a very well known transition surgeon but, there are many other doctors that want it a little different. I just ask the girls to bring me a picture of what the doctor requires and I give my very best to killing the hair as fast as I can.

It is important to get an early start on this type of work so you don’t run out of time. It is better to be hair free before the surgery date then to try to rush through it. There is a numbing agent that works really very well in the area. You put it on 50 minutes heavy before coming in and cover it with plastic wrap. Using plastic wrap and taping it in place. Then I peel it away as I work so you don’t feel any pain and I can give great work and work quickly.  Freedom will come and the results will be perfect. I am more than happy to help all transgender people achieve their needs. I give the best discounts I can on different services I offer. I charge per treatment because everyone needs different amounts and different volumes of work.

Call on me anytime for a free consultation. A reminder there is a 48-hour notice if doing more than a one hour visit. The cancellation is a $35 fee is applied to your credit card like any other medical office. I have to do that because of so many that do last minute no shows and lock me to my office for days on end to be able to take care of the people that truly need and want my services. I was forced to apply this because of too many not being considerate of my time

Yours truly Karen Marlise

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Transgender Transition Pubic Hair Removal