Karen Marlise has been a transgender permanent hair removal expert for many years. Karen was trained thoroughly with lasers since 2001 and a medical electrologist since 1993. She has totally permanently removed unwanted hair for transgender, gay and straight clients for many, many years. She gives all she can to get the hair dead as quickly as possible and is very skilled at achieving it. Karen doesn’t take one dime she hasn’t given 110% to try to cure clients without damage to the skin. Karen is very skilled from almost 30 years of performing electrology daily and achieves a lot of removal in an hour hitting the root perfectly each time.

If you want the best electrologist in Tampa Bay hands down that is Karen Marlise. Check her reviews or just call Karen for a no-charge consultation at 727-512-4335. Plus, Karen works 7 days a week and evenings so you always will be able to get in to see her when it is best for you and not wait. Karen knows how hard it is to let the hair grow out for an appointment and how terrible it is to have to walk around with it and wait to see an electrologist. With Karen, you won’t wait. Karen will make sure you get in as fast as you need to.

Karen is trained in one of the highest requirement and training states in the country of California which is three times what Florida is and with board testing to ensure you are thoroughly trained. Florida doesn’t require any of that. That is just one of the reasons Karen is a transgender permanent hair removal expert. Plus, another reason Karen is a transgender permanent hair removal expert is she has taken care of countless transgender clients for many years.

So if you are seeking someone that has the skill level to truly cure your unwanted hair or the highest trained and skilled permanent cosmetic artist in Tampa Bay call Karen Marlise at 727-512-4335

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