Permanent Eyebrow Design and Eyebrow Styling


Karen Marlise can assist you in getting the right brow for your face shape, eye shape and age.  Whether you need permanent eyebrow design with electrology for your natural eyebrows, or considering permanent eyebrows,  Karen Marlise at Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal can help.  Karen has been designing eyebrows for many years.  She will assist you with eyebrow design that will look best on your face.  There are numerous reasons for men and women to have their eyebrows professionally designed.  Karen Marlise can restore the beauty of your natural eyebrow.  Over plucked brows, shaving, aging and certain medical conditions are factors which contribute to eyebrow hair loss. Karen has been creating permanent eyebrows or even developing a eyebrow that can be easily maintained if the client doesn’t want permanent hair removal for the brows.

Eyebrow Makeovers – Establishing the needs of the client:

  • What would you like to change about your brows?
  • How comfortable are you with creating your own brow look?
  • What products are you currently using to shape your brows?

Address the following common brow concerns:

  • Bald Spots, Too Thin, Too Bushy, Too Gray, Too Light
  • Not sure what the best shape for certain shaped eyes
  • Wants to look younger, Wants a higher-looking arch
  • Can’t find the right products for a natural look

Address the common benefits of having great brows:

The brows create an expression for the entire face.  The right brow shape could really help to “lift” and open up the eye.
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“Karen Marlise Offers The Best Brow Design in Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area”

Choosing A Great Eyebrow Design For Your Face


browshapes-357x100The best method for determining a great brow shape is to use the shape of your face as a guide.

Eyebrow Design Shapes:

  • Eyebrows For A Square Face Round Brow – makes a face appear rounder and softens features.

Eyebrows For An Oblong Face is the Flat Brow:

  • Horizontal lines make the face appear shorter and more oval.  This shape also creates a very natural look.

Eyebrows For A Youthful Look is the Angled Brow:

  • Great for anyone wanting a “lift”.
  • The Most Common Eyebrow Design For Most Face Shapes is the Soft Angled Brow.
  • The peak is softer, more subtle and feminine than an angled brow.  A very professional looking brow shape.

After You Select The Ideal Brow Shape or The Desired Brow Shape


eye_brow_shaping-198x106Measure where the brow should begin and end, and find the arch: To locate the inner brow edge, lay a pencil vertically along the center of each nostril. Where the pencil hits the brow is where the brow should begin. To locate the outer brow edge, lay the pencil vertically at the center of the nostril and let the top of the pencil slant out toward the outside corner of the eye. This point indicates where the brow should end. The highest point of the arch should be directly over the outer edge of the iris.

Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows:

There are several products you can use to achieve the perfect eyebrows. You can use the Automatic Fine Brow Pencil which provides precise natural-looking fine-brow definition. Begin by brushing the eyebrow hair against the natural growth so that the brow pencil is applied directly to the skin. For bare spots in eyebrows, feather in any open spaces with short, irregular-length strokes to simulate real hair.

You can also use the Definitive Brow Pencil that easily blends with the natural eyebrow to enhance the shape and form of your eyebrows. Begin by shaping and filling in your brows drawing short, overlapping strokes. Next, feather and blend your chosen color with the pencil’s brush or a Makeup Artistry Brow Brush. The Makeup Artistry Brow Brush helps brows appear more even and polished. Designed for applying powdered color to brows it helps to shape and fill in gaps.

Finally, soften the eyebrow using Natural Brow Powder. Eyebrow powder softens the look of the brow and adds volume. Brush the powder over the penciled eyebrows for a well-blended look. Brow Sealer / Tinted Brow Sealer is ideal as a grooming tool, especially on full brows. Using the eyebrow sealer of your choice, brush on to set your eyebrows in place.

You can have a lifelong sexy look with eyebrows designed and performed by Aesthetics by Karen Marlise at Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal.


There are a lot of things to consider for brow design.  Karen takes into consideration the client’s hair style, the way they wear their hair, color and all.  The cut, length, and bangs are important to evaluate.

The client’s overall personality is one of the most important things when considering eye brow design.  Is the client’s personality natural, conservative, flamboyant, or extravagant, to name a few?  Does the client have an intense personality or are they reserved, etc.  These factors will be evaluated and discussed with Karen Marlise before applying Permanent Eyebrow Brow Design.

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