Electrology, Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

“Karen prefers the Electrology, Blend Method, in certain cases. Karen feels it is the great form of electrology, electroylsis. But what form is determined by many reasons. 

She determines once she evaluates many things about the client when it comes to hair removal. Then she knows what the best method is to use. https://tampabaylaserhairremoval.com/the-highest-rated-trained-experienced-electrologist-st-petersburg-tampa-clearwaterlargo/

That is the largest determining factor for electrology, electrolysis. Karen’s top training is due to traveling to southern California. Due to her extensive education and dedication to her clients. 

She has had decade’s of client satisfaction. 

The Electrolysis Blend Method has the highest hair kill ratio.  This provides an effective form of permanent hair removal.  

She will select the best method for you based on your hair type, skin characteristics, hair disorder, volume of hair and sensitivity.  Karen Marlise assures you the greatest maximum comfort and permanency for your hair problem.”


Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal uses only Ballet™ brand probes, which are the highest quality in the world.  Ballet™ probes are sterile, single-use probes, discarded immediately after each client session. The probes come in multiple sizes and are sized according to the diameter of the hair shaft.

“Fact: Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal is the most effective method of Permanent Hair Removal.”



This image demonstrates what proper electrolysis probe insertion looks like.  The correct size of the probe is determined by the hair Karen Marlise is working on and the depth of insertion is expertly determined by Karen Marlise by testing the first few hairs Karen removes and inspects.

Electrolysis – FAQ and More Information

Electrolysis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Permanent Hair Removal & Excess Hair Growth

There are many factors that can contribute to the growth of excess hair and can contribute to more
electrolysis services required to keep the hair at bay.

• Heredity
• Normal physiological changes
• Malfunction of the endocrine system
• Medication
• Topical influences
• Stress

How effective are Electrolysis Treatments?

Many hairs will be eliminated with only one treatment, but some will need two or more treatments to
achieve permanency. Electrolysis involves a series of treatments over a period of time. The length of time
depends on the amount of hair, its coarseness, the cause of the excess hair and many other factors, but
once the dermal papilla has been eliminated, the hair is dead and will not re-grow. Re-growth from treated
follicles can occur if the root was not successfully destroyed the first time (this usually happens when the
area has been tweeted or waxed, causing follicle distortion).

How safe is Electrology?

The Electrolysis procedure has been around for over 100 years. It is a safe and permanent procedure, if
done by a trained professional. I have had extensive training and many years of experience in the art of
Electrology (since 1993).

Electrolysis Modalities

Electrolysis Modalities

The three different methods that are used in electrology are Galvanic, thermolysis and the blend.

Your success depends on the skill of the electrologist, the type of hair being removed, the condition of the skin and the pain threshold of the client. These factors come into play on what method is used and how successful treatments are. All three methods, when properly performed, can be thorough at destroying the hair matrix cells, and leaving follicles incapable of regrowing hair.

A galvanic epilator is essentially a positive ground power supply that delivers 0-3 milliamperes through the body. The probe is the cathode of an electrolytic cell. Sodium hydroxide formed at the cathode by the process of chemical electrolysis kills the hair matrix cells. Modern galvanic epilators automatically adjust the voltage to maintain constant current.

The method known as thermolysis is radio frequency (RF), shortwave or diathermy. A thermolytic epilator is essentially a radio transmitter, usually with an output of about 0-8 watts at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Radio frequency energy emanates from the probe tip to tissue within about a millimeter. Thermolysis works by heating the hair matrix cells to about 48 to 50 °C (118 to 122 °F), causing electrocoagulation.

Galvanic and thermolysis are often combined in a method known as blend, which uses both RF and direct current, combining many of the advantages of galvanic and thermolysis.

Featured Electrology Equipment

The Apilus offers a choice of eight operating modes to handle even the most difficult situation. Flash, thermolysis and thermocoagulation modes offer high frequency and precision, thereby ensuring comfort and rapid execution. Pulsing Blend mode offers different application options for aesthetic care treatment. Apilus provides remarkably comfortable treatments.

Gentronics Epilator
The Gentronics Epilator is a state-of-the-art professional hair removal system, using Blend, Flash, Thermolysis and Galvanic Multiple Probes.

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