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  • 5 Star Ratingrescue_dadJanuary 1, 2018
    I reached out to Karen last August for her electrology services and have had over a dozen sessions since then. I have recommended her to everyone, including my mom and wife for various other services. Don't bother going to any of the other "radio commercial" driven shops in the area that offer silly BOGO deals, but give you only half the service to keep you coming back. Karen is the real deal and has decades of experience. She is a one-stop shop for anything cosmetic. As a dude, it's hard to feel comfortable in places mostly attuned for females, but Karen makes you feel at home. She works around her customers schedules, even in the evenings and on weekends. Karen is a friend of the LGBT community and has many gay and transgender clients. She is happy to help with any situation and will give you her honest opinion. She offers free consults so give her buzz. You'll be hooked.
  • 5 Star Ratingfarrow_3March 22, 2014
    I highly recommend Karen C. To treat your unwanted facial hairs..I am a African American woman who was very concerned about receivng optimal care and not being laser burned. I must say the YAG laser guided by Karen's hand has reduced my facial hairs by 50%. I have just completed my 2nd Laser session and She is very aggressive with treating the hair so that you can live with out a manly looking beard. She is honest and upfront about your treatment schedule. She is very good and knowledgable! She is a professional who can give you the best advice concerning your facial hairs. Thank you Karen!
  • 5 Star RatinganonymousJanuary 28, 2014
    I have been seeing Karen for electrology. She is very qualified and a knowledgeable electrologist. As I like to say: "she knows her stuff". I am very happy to have found her. She is very honest, educates about the treatment and listens to the request of her clients and gives them the best treatment possible. If you have a hair problem Karen is the solution. 🙂
  • 5 Star RatinganonymousJanuary 17, 2014
    Karen has done a very good job when it comes to my hair removal and my rosacea. I've been her client for a few years now. I've used her services for laser hair removal, electrolysis, and laser treatment for my rosacea. She works with me until I'm satisfied with the results. She's very knowledgeable on what she does and has many years of experience.
  • 5 Star Ratingerinmelley1November 14, 2013
    I have been going to Karen since 2002. Karen is the best! Fair priced, most educated, honest and best equipment. I don't even live in the area anymore and travel for Karen's services from Orlando. My trust is with Karen.
  • 5 Star RatingenekemaasOctober 8, 2012
    Karen, Thank you!. I never thought I would meet some one in the Tampa Bay area who is truly knowledgeable about electrolysis, laser hair removal , and permanent makeup for ethnic skin.I have tried so many places in the area that claim to know how to work on ethnic skin, including a doctor who I paid so much money to for laser hair removal. No one had a clue what to do with ethnic skin, and I just kept wasting my money and I almost gave up until I met Karen. Karen, not only do you know your stuff, you listened to me, worked with me to achieve the best positive outcomes, and I am so happy with my results. Karen thank you again. I really appreciate your expertise. You have changed my life. I am your client for life. Sincerely, EM
  • 5 Star Ratingladd83June 27, 2012
    This lady is truly AMAZING! I made the mistake of letting the wrong person wax my eyebrows and WHAT A MESS that was! & NOT an easy fix! After that, I was TERRIFIED to ever let someone touch them again... Due to Karen's positive reviews I figured I had to try her out...Simply because other people mentioned how she was good at fixing other people's mistakes(which I am sure is A pain) Well, I never leave reviews online, BUT It is how I found her so I figured it's only right to add mine, She made my eyebrows look better than ever! Eyebrows make your ENTIRE face! I never noticed that until I had them done by her THE RIGHT WAY and felt SO MUCH prettier..I have never used A pencil on my eyebrows and Karen even took extra time and taught me how to fill in the spot that the last lady messed up until it grew back in the the PROPER shape! THANKYOU SO MUCH AGAIN for putting these eyebrows through MUCH needed rehab Karen!!! Next on the list,Hair removal! & permanent lip liner, By her of course!
  • 5 Star RatingSuperUser9508March 20, 2012
    BEST in TOWN! Prior to finding Karen, went to a couple of chain, hair removal places. Techs doing it were nice, but really - not experts in laser hair removal. Complete waste of money. Then I found, Karen, she has been doing this for years, has the equipment, certifications, and EXPERIENCE to do a great job. Highly recommend her!
  • 5 Star RatingjogeziFebruary 24, 2012
    I have been a client of Karen for many years and have had excellant results results from all the services she has provided me. From Electrolysis to Laser therapy. Karen has a vast knowledge of Easthetics. Her office is far and above any in the Tampa Bay area. Karen is one of the most caring person I have known. Always identifying the best modality to treat what ever problem you have. I have long hair and for years looked for that right person to treat it right. Karen is that person.I recieve complements on a daily basis on it. I am a health care professional and critical of how a treatment is done and the results. Karen recieves an A Plus on all levels. JoyZ.
  • 5 Star RatingSuperUser9286February 22, 2012
    I love Karen!!! She is the best at every service she has to offer. I've had several procedures done by her including laser hair removal. It only took a few times of this procedure and now I am hair free!!! What a wonderful thing never to have to shave again. I would recommend her to everyone I know and I do. Her shop is clean, comfortable and she is very professional. Don't hesitate, pick up the phone today and make your appointment, you will not regret it. Her prices cannot compare to anyone around. You will get your moneys worth that I promise you!!!!
  • 5 Star RatingGuest44378February 22, 2012
    Karen is the only person to go to when it comes to laser hair removal in Tampa. I've been going to her for 2 years and have gotten laser on my full legs, underarms, bikini, back of neck, chin, arms, brazilian, feet...everywhere! She is always willing to work with you and throws in extra services free of charge because she really cares about her customers. She's like a mom to me now after this long (and seeing me naked this much). I've also gotten a great facial! Before Karen I was so hairy that I couldn't go without shaving for even half a day if I wanted to be smooth, but now people think I'm naturally hairless. The laser even helped clear up some acne. It's wonderful. Go here!
  • 5 Star RatingGuest85735February 15, 2012
    Karen has effectively eradicated my facial hair. Her expertise in laser hair removal is crucial. With countless chain hair removal facilities all around that give you the bare minimum it was beyond relieving to find her. I am a 25 year old transsexual able to live my life in public and passable quicker than I could have anticipated. She will give you the max you can handle and make sure that you are lasered to full potential within each session. She never wasted my time and I will always recommend her.
  • 5 Star Ratingtuty723February 9, 2012
    I am 37 yrs old and live in CT. in January i had my eyebrows permanently tattooed by someone in CT. Unfortunately the outcome was a total disaster. My brows were uneven and each one was shaped differently. I searched the internet to try and find a solution, fortunatrly enough i came accross Karen who told me that she can easily correct my problem. I drove in to Tampa to see Karen the first week of February and she did and excellent job at correcting my permanent eyebrows. She was also very kind and made me feel very comfortable . I highly recommend her to everyone. Thanks Karen!!!!!! Sincerely, Tuty
  • 5 Star RatingGuest67397February 9, 2012
    I am 37 yrs old and i live in CT. In january i had my eyebrows permantly tattooed, unfortunately they did not come out how i expected. They were uneven and each brow had a different shape. I found Karen on the internet and expressed my concerns to her and she quickly told me that my brows could be corrected. I drove to Tampa the following week and met with Karen and she did a great job correcting my permanent cosmetic brows. I absolutely love them now. I would definitely recommend Karen Cowles to everyone i know. Thank You so much Karen!! Sincerely, Tuty
  • 5 Star RatingmgFebruary 7, 2012
    I'm a 28 year old african american female. I've been going to Karen for almost 5 months.I have always had a bit of trouble with hairs popping up on the left side of my chin due to a childhood scar and at age 12 decided to shave it, causing the hair to grow back thicker. I had been having to shave ever since.. I had been so self conscious about this for years, always thinking someone could notice the darker areas of my chin due to shaving and using make-up to conceal the embarrassment. I also had been looking for a laser hair removal place to take care of my problem for the past 6 years. But they're so expensive. Until I found Karen Marlise. She is awesome. My chin looks great. U can see the changes just after the 1st treatment. I just completed my 5th, and I have virtually no hair. Just a few stubborn ones that we have to zap. She really cares about her clients. She takes time to make sure she gives u her best. Her prices are awesome. She will even give discounts. Wonderful! Thank you!
  • 5 Star RatingGuest45957February 1, 2012
    Karen's work is excellent. She is extremely precise and detail-oriented. She aims for perfection. I am very pleased with all of her services. I recommend her highly for laser hair removal and electrolysis. She is the best at laser hair removal. I have been to a dermatologist for the same services, and Karen's work is far superior.
  • 5 Star RatingBolilleyDecember 18, 2009
    Excellent work. I came to Karen on vacation and had her do permanent cosmetics on my lips, brows, and eye liner. Wow what a great job. I simply love, love, love it. No more spending time applying makeup.....she is professional and is an artist applying the permanent makeup. Simply beautiful work.
  • 5 Star RatingjulieAugust 29, 2009
    I highly recommend Karen, she is a true gem. I am doing electrolysis on my lip and eyebrows. I came to her for laser, and even though electrolysis costs less, she was still honest enough to recommend it as the best treatment for my skin type and hair type. She is available ALL the time, very personable, and I love supporting another female running her own business. I drive 30 min to get to her from Clearwater and its worth every minute. She offers me many skin care and brow care tips, even trimmed my brows one day free of charge. I can't wait to do more skin care treatments with her.
  • 5 Star RatingGuest05841August 9, 2009
    I have been a client of Karen's for five years now. I have had electrology, laser hair removal, facials, acne treatments, make-up applied, and my hair colored by Karen. Not only does Karen offer numerous services but she has the most experience of anyone I know. She has more training and has been in the business longer than most people, which is why I will ONLY go to her. I would recommend Karen for anyone who is seeking the services she provides.
  • 5 Star RatingGuest24081July 24, 2009
    Karen was amazing! She did my permanent eyeliner (upper and lower lids) last night and I am thrilled with my results!!! She really listened to me and how I wanted the eyeliner to look (very natural). Karen was very concerned with making sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure, which took about 2 hours. She is a perfectionist -- the exact personality type you want in someone who is putting something fairly permanent on your face -- so she really takes the time with you to make sure it is the 'best' as humanly possible!!! Compared to the first time I had my eyeliner applied (by someone else in Tampa 2 years ago) -- this time was much better - better results, minimal pain, and actually cost less (always a plus). I highly recommend her to all of my friends, family and colleagues. By the way -- I have scheduled my appointment with Karen to have my lips done in 2 weeks -- very happy!!!Thanks, Karen, for an amazing job well done!Dana W.

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