Aesthetic Beauty Staff Professionals

All staff members at Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal are licensed professionals.  We have over 30 years of experience and enjoy offering the best services around, at the most affordable price in the Tampa Bay area.

Karen Marlise-333x500Karen Marlise
Karen is an artist. With over 32 years in the industry, her expertise is second to no one in the state of Florida. She is among the top in the industry, winning multiple awards and achieving national certifications; her credentials speak for themselves. Her first year in permanent makeup was 300 hours at a top permanent cosmetic college in Southern California in 1993. That wouldn’t satisfy Karen she has to be the best at whatever she does a true perfectionist because of being raised by a Swiss mother.  Then Karen discovered what she believed was one of the best permanent cosmetic colleges in the country in Arlington Texas. So she saved and traveled there repeatedly learning everything they had to offer. They had training in creating areolas, camouflaging scars, hair reputation, mucosal eyeliner, designer eyeliners, full lip color and lip liners to name a few.

What sets her apart from the rest is who Karen is. Karen is your friend, that person who you want to sit and have long conversations with. She cares for each and every one of her clients as if they have always been friends, if not family. Karen prides herself not only on her knowledge and skill,” but” on the personal friendly services she is able to provide to each of her customers. to feel very comfortable even when performing very personal services on men and women. Karen Marlise has a full career’s worth of waxing, lasering, electrolysis Brazilians on men and women. To removing blackheads off any body area with zero embarrassments. You know very quickly at you are in the hands of a seasoned professional that truly works hard to serve you! Check out Karen’s reviews and read what people are saying!

Tampa-Aesthetic-Physician-Doctor-ValdesDr. Valdes

Karen Marlise’s Pledge:  Each client receives a free no-obligation consultation from Karen Marlise.  We pledge to provide the most helpful aesthetic solutions available.  Dr. Valdes and Karen Marlise are happy to serve our clients.  We assure safe and effective treatments.  Our salon has impressive, safe lasers, that are classified useful for virtually all kinds of skin types.  Dr. Valdes is responsible for the laser configuration settings for clients.

Aesthetic Staff Professionals – Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal