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SpiderVeinsBAWhat are Spider Veins?  Spider veins are very small veins, similar to the varicose veins. Typically, they are blue or red and much close to the top surface layer of the skin, more so than varicose veins.

These troublesome unsightly veins found on the legs and face and other parts of the body, were nicknamed “spider veins” because they can resemble a spider ‘s web. There is no limit to the size of a spider vein problem, they can take up a small area or a very large area.

Humans have veins that have valves which act as one way moving flaps. The valves can prevent blood flowing backward while it moves upward in the legs. Blood can easily leak right back into the vein and build up a collection if the one-way type valves ever become weak.

“There is a problem called Venous Insufficiency where there is enlarged veins due to pooled blood and then it turns into varicose.  There is treatment available similar to what you do with spider veins in spider vein removal.  The backup of blood will also cause spider veins. Causes of spider veins can be things such as hormone changes in the body, heredity factors, and of course the exposure or over exposure to the Sun.  Sometimes a client may need laser spider vein removal but it all depends on the extent of the problem.”

If you are planning spider vein treatment you are going to need to find the best qualified professional with the best pricing.  It would be good to have a consultation on Sclerotherapy cost and the cost of spider vein treatment.  You’re going to want to know what is involved with the treatment, whats being used for removal.

It is common to use spider vein cream during the treatment process, and Karen will only use the best.  Karen takes into consideration the spider vein removal prices of her competitors and strives to provide a lower spider vein removal cost for all her clients.

For the most effective spider vein removal, seek treatment from Karen at Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal.

Karen Marlise utilizes the latest technology to finally get rid of all your unsightly Spider Veins!  If varicose veins give you a problem, they can also be treated

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Spider Veins before

Spider Veins after

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