Karen has a lifetime of skill performing special event makeup, hair, skin, eyelashes, and even body treatments to prepare for the special day. Some clients need a great facial first or their eyebrow’s designed before applying makeup for the special day.

Karen has semi permanent eyelashes, standard eyelashes and mascara is requested. Karen has thousands of dollars of equipment and product to help you ensure perfect results. Karen is a true pro and has a lifetime of experience in all areas of beauty.

Karen sometimes has to do back facials and skin treatment for legs to prepare women to be as perfect as possible for their important day!

That why it is important to see Karen first and talk about your personal needs first to see what you really want to be done for you. If you need your hair colored, cut, eyebrow designed, makeup, Brazilian waxing or leg waxing so you have a honeymoon hair free.

Everything you could need for your special day Karen can deliver to you with a lifetime of expert experience. Karen works hard to help you truly enjoy the experience and create a great memory of your special day. Karen does wedding parties and does special event groups like companies that offer special treatment day with a Master Beauty Expert.

There is no one in Tampa Bay that has more training in all areas of beauty. Standard makeup, Permanent makeup, skincare, haircare, body treatments, laser hair removal, electrolysis, permanent brow designer, body waxier to name few things that she can do for you. She can rid of unwanted hair do a brazilain wax, design perfect eyebrows, hair, makeup or anything you need.

The Most Talented Special Event Beauty Expert Tampa Bay

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