If you are trying to prepare for your wedding day the best idea is to call Karen Marlise.Karen is a Special Event Beauty Expert.

She is highly trained in hair design, makeup artistry, body waxing, Brazilian waxing, body treatments, skincare to name a few.

Karen can get you prepare 100% for that special day in every way you need. She can design the perfect eyebrow, apply semi-permanent eyelashes if requested, apply beautiful makeup, do your hair for the event, wax your legs, give a back facial or standard facial to create perfect skin before the day. Depending on what your needs are Karen can help you solve them in a one stop shop. A personal shop that you are 110% attention on you to achieve any and all your needs.

Timing is everything with weddings and Karen has a lifetime of skill in this area so you will be scheduled correctly and be at the church on time because you are not in a salon where they have many other people going on and you wait.

Check out Karen’s reviews and you will see what people say about her services and know that this is the best decision. Call Karen and come in and plan what services you need and book the details. Karen has been doing this since 1982 and has a lifetime of training and experience.

Special Event Beauty Expert Thoroughly Trained In All Areas of Beauty.

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