Karen is an expert in all areas of eyebrows. If you are losing eyebrow hair and need some help just give Karen a call.  Karen works hand in hand with Dr. Valdes and we can assist you in growing your eyebrow hair back. Hair restoration is very possible and it works for bald spots, eyelashes, eyebrows. Do you have a bald spot in your eyebrow and need hair restoration? Your eyelashes barely there? No need to suffer these problems with Aesthetic experts at  Aesthetics by Karen Marlise. Eyebrows express your feelings and are a big part of your looks so very important to someone’s appearance. There are many reasons people lose their eyebrows. Stress, hormonal, over plucking, thyroid to name a few. We can help. Just give us a call. Doctor A. Valdes is a great Aesthetic physician for many years.

It doesn’t take long and it does a great job. Call today and restore you lost eyebrow or eyebrows. If you have eyebrow problems in Seminole, Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Gulfport or the beaches Karen Marlise is the Eyebrow Expert to call. She has been working on eyebrows since 1982. Karen and Dr. Valdes is up on the latest and greatest ways to serve her clients. Eyebrow dying, permanent eyebrow design, permanent cosmetic makeup for eyebrows, and even waxing,


Regrow Eyebrow Hair and Eyelashes

Combined with your new hair does it. Or at lease some of the hair back and a little color with permanent cosmetics and you are totally happy with the results.