Planning for Laser Hair Removal procedures and related services


Planning for BeautyOld, young, girls, boys, men, women, black, white, people from every area of the world. I have professionally treated elderly, disabled mentally or physically, straight people, gay, cross dressers, transgender, nudist, lesbians, people without legs and arms and any person who honesty respectfully professionally needs my services. My beliefs are that my place is to deliver the very best service to everyone that needs professional services.

I get many calls for permanent cosmetics or laser hair removal from people coming to the Tampa Bay area to vacation or visit. If you are desirous of permanent hair removal or permanent cosmetics while you are here, I highly suggest a consultation before your get involved in your trip.

There are many reasons I say this and one of them is involves sun exposure. If you want laser hair removal, I will not be able to treat you successfully. The same restrictions apply to permanent cosmetics.

Many questions need to be asked and one of the most important ones is “how long will you be here”. Others would be “will you be coming back” and “what are your plans regarding the activities that you will be involved in while you are here”. If you want to be in the pool every minute, then creating permanent eyebrows will; be affected. I need to know so that your outcome will be successful.

I am trained in many areas of beauty and it is not uncommon for a client to try to make an appointment hoping to receive lash color, brow design, haircut, facial and even laser hair removal all in the same visit. The combination of these requests will dictate what can be done in the same visit. Many times the procedures have to be spread over two or more visits. For example, I cannot do heat-associated services on the same area on the same day. Another example of impossibility would be trying to do microderm abrasion, waxing, or lasering, on the same area on the same day. That could cause a burn or other sensitivity problems. I always like to have at lease a phone consultation before any visit, so things can be discussed, understood and planned to ensure a great outcome.

In the past, I have had clients that came to me to repair various disasters. For instance, scarring on an upper lip. A local salon had done waxing and micoderm abrasion on the lip concurrently the morning before a girl’s wedding.

Actually, neither of these services should be undertaken so close to the wedding date. I never take a chance that a negative outcome may occur before one of the biggest days of any woman’s life. Not only was a wedding almost ruined, but a lifetime scar resulted. I do have special makeup which knocks out unwanted color, so I was able to camouflage the red and did my best to defuse the situation. I felt terrible about every part of it and I refused to get involved against the competing business. It could of been a young, newly working cosmetologist who just tried to give everything that the lady (or her Mom) requested.

Needless to say, some appointment requests I will not schedule. I plan “Special Occasion” services at least four (4) days prior to the event just to be sure that any reaction can be rectified ASAP. Years of experience on my part should come into play.

WARNING! I see all over permanent cosmetic artists saying double certified. If it was a true certification by a good school it would say how many hours and all the school information like my site does.

I see a lot of them advertising open since 2001 and they haven’t been there for two years. Ask for proof of how long they been operating. A good business will be able to show you anything you require to know they are who they say they are and not lying to try to over run a competitor that did do it right and earned Master level in what they do.

In permanent cosmetics and in laser hair removal there are a lot of liars doing about anything to grab a buck by short cutting very important things like education, right equipment, inspections, legal educated laser or permanent cosmetic practitioners.

It is very smart to do your research on training, years in business, reviews, licenses, the right equipment, laser inspections, permanent cosmetic product, the machine used. The hand method is only a three or 5 day education stabbing you with needles on a plastic stick. There is no way to control if it is too deep or too shallow and it usually doesn’t last very long.

The eyeliners I have seen are usually poorly done and sloppy looking instead of a clear straight lines acquired by a quality permanent cosmetic machine and a strong power supply.. The needles are very costly but, the sharper they are the less pain and better delivery of product into the skin. Quality ink is very costly as well but, there is no iron oxide in it like body ink so there is no problem getting a MRI.

There is so much training to really know both these professions well and very high overhead. So when you see too good to be true prices there is a reason SOME VERY IMPORTANT PARTS ARE MISSING. Like thoroughly treating correctly with the best laser and knowing when to change the setting to get the fine hair or knowing how hard apart each body area needs to be re-treated to get the maximum cure.

Its very important to know your own bodie’s growth cycles and receive treatment from a professional who will work with the best laser with the best settings possible. Its important to ask questions regarding both these procedures to ensure you are getting the best for your hard earned money.

Planning – Aesthetics by Karen Marlise – Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal