Facial Peel

Dr. Jessner Facial Peel


We offer all kinds of facial peel that you can image. We carry Dr. Jessner’s facial peel, 70% Glycolic Facial Peeld, 50% Glycolic Facial Peels, Salicylic Acid Facial Peels and many more types of facial peels. We even carry Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation Peel.

Karen has been performing peels for clients for over thirty years and knows exactly how to achieve. You can achieve the strength peel that will achieve the success you are looking for. Karen applies the peel and then after neutralizing it Karen applies a normalizing mask to equal out the skin. We only use the highest standard facial peels and skin care products on the market like Sonage and Jan Marini Skin Research for clients.

If you are looking for a real Paramedical esthetician Karen Marlise is the one to call for St. Pete, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Gulfport and Pinellas. Karen knows skin better than most and can help you with any skin problems you are having or to just maintain beautiful skin. You will receive top grade service for any service Karen offers and feel the success on your skin when you have completed your facial peel. We welcome you and would love a call anytime at 727-512-4335, 7 days a week and evenings for your convince.