Karen Marlise is a Master Men’s Eyebrow Designer. Karen Marlise has been designing men’s eyebrows since 1993. Karen is a Master eyebrow artist in every way. Karen can dye eyebrow, permanently kill all unwanted hair and create the perfect man’s eyebrow. Karen can help you regrow the lost hair. Karen styles men’s eyebrow with laser and electrology so a man doesn’t have to ever address his eyebrows.

Unwanted ear, face or eyebrow hair can be permanently destroyed

This man had one eyebrow and I permanently created one. Men’s eyebrow design

The Perfect Men's Permanent Designed Eyebrow

The Perfect Men’s Permanent Designed Eyebrow

Karen kills unwanted ear or nose hair for men for many years. She can even kill unwanted nose or lip hair where the opening of the nose connects to a mustache. Karen can create the perfect design on any hair color for men and then he doesn’t have to deal with it daily. Karen can kill all unwanted hair to design a perfect beard so it doesn’t need daily grooming around the face and neck. Karen does permanent cosmetics for men on eyebrows for men that don’t grow a thick enough eyebrow or if his eyebrow hair is too light add slight color to the man’s eyebrow so it matches his hair color on his head. Karen is a Master Beauty Artisan and helps men in many ways with grooming, styling, designing the perfect man’s eyebrow.