Permanent eyeliner is a beautiful enhancement around the eyes for added beauty. The important part about permanent eyeliner is making sure it is done perfectly by a master artist. A master artist has hand to eye coordination to create the perfect lines of permanent eyeliner around the eyes that will last for years. There are different methods of applying permanent makeup and the method Karen Marlise uses gives the smoothest, brightest concentration of color. Karen has been applying permanent makeup since 1993 and a medical electrologist since that time and her hand to eye coordination is perfect. So you will achieve the perfect end result with your permanent eyeliner. Karen uses the revolution rotary machine which is silent but, powerful enough to achieve work that lasts for years without the color bleeding out like can happen with poor application. Karen has seen so many eyeliners done by hand that were sloppy all over the place and way too low on the eyes giving the eyes a droopy look which is the opposite to what Karen does. Karen has many pictures from years of her work she would be more than happy to show.

Karen does mucosal permanent eyeliner which is eyeliner right up to the eyes top and bottom. Which is one of the prettiest in Karen’s opinion? This can be done with duel colors as well as any permanent eyeliner color you choose. Karen only uses Premier Pigments concentrated colors.  The permanent cosmetic colors are fantastic quality which lasts better than any other colors Karen has tried in the past. permanent cosmetic makeup

Permanent Eyeliner St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and Tampa the only right choice is Karen Marlise. Karen Marlise is a National Board Certified Master Instructor and Artist since 1993 and was the second-place winner of the International Masters in Dallas. Karen has invested a lifetime in the training, the skill of permanent eyeliner, and every permanent cosmetic makeup procedure. Karen uses the highest quality concentrated pigments from premier pigments.

Karen was trained at two permanent cosmetic makeup colleges and become a Master Instructor at the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics outside of Dallas. Karen saved and went whenever she could to achieve the highest level of training possible. Her, permanent eyeliner is applied more perfectly than someone could apply it for themselves. Plus, Karen does all kinds of methods of permanent eyeliner St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and Tampa Bay

Perfect permanent eyeliner that is guaranteed to be exactly what you are requesting.and truly almost totally painfree. Karen uses great numbing cremes and she asks you to tell her if you have any discomfort so she numbs some more until you are comfortable. Karen takes her time creating perfect permanent cosmetic makeup because you are very important.

Karen can apply the permanent eyeliner right up against the eye or create duel colors is requested. When it comes to permanent cosmetic makeup Karen Marlise is the true Master with the highest rated permanent cosmetic makeup clinic in Tampa Bay. Check online the reviews for to see what clients say about their permanent makeup ‎Edit

Designer permanent eyeliner done by a National Board Certified Master

Designer mucosal permanent eyeliner created by a National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Instructor/Artist