Karen has over 30+ years as an eyebrow design men women. Karen can permanently design them with electrology, laser hair removal, permanent cosmetic makeup, permanent hair stroke eyebrows, microblading semi-permanent eyebrows, permanent hair color for eyebrows and other methods. Karen is a Master makeup artist, Cosmetologist, National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist and a medical electrologist for many years working on men and women from all over the planet for many different eyebrow requests, which equals the “Best Eyebrow Designer For Men and Women Possible”. If is very important to see a true expert when it comes to discolored, misshapen, missing, not growing, not showing or just plain messed up eyebrows or permanent eyebrows. There is a lot of true training that goes into correcting eyebrows right and all the different methods. Eyebrow design men, women entails a lot of different methods. Karen has done them all for many years. You will come away with the right eyebrow solution.

If they are not corrected first and the color is just applied the old color will come through with time and discolor the permanent eyebrow. Plus, not just any color can be applied over an old permanent eyebrow color. All colors have the base color and if you know about the color wheel then you know adding  certain colors over certain colors can produce a green eyebrow or yellowish or even blueish tint.

That is why color correctors are used first and have to be done thoroughly first and the right shade chosen. It is important to be a color expert with ink and makeup to do this work correctly.

Missing Eyebrows? Messed Up Permanent Eyebrows? UnRuly Eyebrows? Need Help With Your Eyebrows?

Then Be Smart and Call a Highly Skilled Eyebrow Designer For Men and Women That has Many Skills in Solving Any Problems With Eyebrows.

Karen has permanently and temporarily corrected eyebrows for men and women for over thirty plus years. Some women just needed to quit letting the nail shops touch them and let a true pro redesign them so they could take over plucking them. Often after Karen solves the problem they realize how much time and money saving it is to have Karen permanently design them so they don’t have the problem again dealing with their eyebrows. Or they had permanent eyebrows that were the wrong color, wrong shape, uncontrollably hairy. That is a serious problem both men and women both suffer. It can add up to a lot of time and money dealing with it and so much worth the investment of seeing Karen to cure the eyebrow problem.

Any Problems With Your Eyebrows Call Karen Marlise at 727-512-4335. No Need to Suffer It is Important To See Most Thoroughly Trained Eyebrow Designer.The Right Eyebrow Design for Men and Woman.

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