There are so many women around Tampa Bay with terrible eyebrows that Karen sees and knows that could be so much better, She does all she can to get the word out in who is the one to call to get permanent eyebrows from. I want to get the word out. Karen is hands down the highest skilled per;

She wants to get the word out. Karen is hands down the highest skilled permanent eyebrow correction expert in Tampa Bay. Karen Marlise is the highest trained and experienced permanent makeup artist in Tampa Bay with a lifetime of training and experience. She can correct just about anything and have through the years. She repairs messed up permanent eyebrows, poorly done permanent eyeliner, mis-shaped or discolored permanent full lips.  She can lift off bad brows in many situations, She can correct the shape, the color, the amount of color applied in most cases. There are occasions that when a client went repeatedly to a poor permanent cosmetic artist injecting so much color incorrectly that they can only be removed with a laser..

. First thing to do is make an appointment to speak with Karen Marlise being seen by the leading permanent eyebrow correction expert will get you the answers you seek on what is the best thing to do in order to correct poorly done permanent eyebrows.

It is very important, to be honest to exactly what was done so the correct treatment can be applied to correct it. It can take repeated visits to correct really bad permanent cosmetic work.

It is very important not to just let anyone do permanent cosmetics on you. If you have discolored eyebrows don’t let someone just add color on top. Unless the color is corrected first you are asking for bad results because the old color will come through with time mixing with the color applied making them worst in many cases.

The most important to see a real pro and not fall for someone telling you how they have done the work for ten years etc. without true proof of training (that amounts to real colleges) and not a three- day Florida course from some Tom, Dick or Harry sad excuse of a school. Three days is a joke in my book it takes many hours to become a skilled artist.

For my amount of training and years of experience Karen’s prices are very affordable it should be much higher for the skill level, training she has achieved.

Every face is a pallet for her art and she loves when she can do a whole face permanent cosmetics with all the correct colors together in a natural very becoming method. Beautiful permanent makeup is not over done, it is done to match your hair, your eyes and the shape of your face.

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