Permanent eyebrow design Microblading is just one of many ways Karen Marlise does permanent eyebrow permanent cosmetics and permanent eyebrow restoration. Karen has been permanently designing eyebrows since 1993. She does electrology to permanently remove unwanted hair, she designs the perfect eyebrow according to your face shape and the method depends on different factors. Microblading is a fine way to permanently design eyebrows that just need a finished look and are just too thin of hair. This technique is not for women that do not have any eyebrow hair or any natural eyebrow to work with. The better technique would be permanent powder eyebrows or even  permanent hair stroke eyebrows. This is where it is very important to see a master of eyebrows and let Karen evaluate if you are a candidate. Karen has been a makeup artist since 1982 and a Cosmetologist that long and is a professional that will help you chose what will serve your looks the best! Karen Marlise was the winner of the International Masters in Dallas in 08 and called on by Expert to show how permanent makeup is done way back when filming was new on the internet. So you have the most trained and experienced permanent cosmetic artist in Tampa Bay a phone call away that takes the time to do it right and without any discomfort. Karen does two color micro blading permanent eyebrows for depth and natural appearance. The results are beautiful. Call today for information or an appointment at 727-512-4335 up to 9 pm.

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 Permanent Microblading, permanent powder eyebrows, permanent eyebrow pencil brow, permanent hair stroke eyebrow and three color hair stroke permanent eyebrows are Karen’s permanent cosmetic techniques. Then Karen does German Eyebrow dye, eyebrow hair growing product that regrows eyebrow hair and electrology to permanently remove unwanted eyebrow hair to name a few of Karen’s eyebrow services for men, women, and young teens. Boys and girls with a una brow. A parent has to bring them.

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Permanent eyebrow microblading is a soft, subtle finish look to eyebrows that are a perfect finish to a eyebrow that just needs more color and a finished design.