Men sometimes suffer ear hair. Whatever you do never pluck it or you will only worsen the problem. Karen is the greatest permanent ear hair removal expert in Tampa Bay. So don’t suffer another day just call Karen at 727-512-4335 and Karen can figure out what service will serve you better electrology or laser hair removal. There are all kinds of factors to consider to decide what service will serve you best. If you have been out in the sun daily then either you have to use total block daily and wait for three weeks before beginning laser treatment or electrology you could begin asap. Electrology works perfectly it takes about 3 to 4 seconds a hair and each hair has to be treated at a time. Like laser hair removal, electrology only works on actively growing hair so repeated treatments are needed. But, you will always see a lot of hair disappear when Karen permanently removes your unwanted hair and you will have fun meeting Karen she is a wonderful lady that loves to help people. Karen’s career has been for years doing permanent ear hair removal for men because so many older men in Florida and Karen know just how to do it the fastest and easiest way.

Permanent Ear Hair Removal

Author: Karen Marlise

Owner of Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal

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