Karen is a true National Board Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist/Instructor and a beauty expert. Karen started as a Cosmetologist in 82 and has developed her skills for over thirty years. Microblading Hair Stroke Permanent Eyebrows are the latest rage. It has become one of the largest requests for women. Microblading hairstoke permanent eyebrows fit certain clients perfectly.

But, it is perfect for certain types of clients. Basically, Microblading is just hair strokes created throughout your brow. This is the client that has brows but, would like a perfect finish look and a little more dramatic.  This gives that finished look and brings more attention to the brows. Karen does two color microblading so it gives a very realistic appearance and a perfect finish result. It will help with giving more of a dramatic arch to the eyebrow and color. Regular Hair Stroke Permanent Eyebrows the base color or total eyebrow is tattooed on first and then with the finest needle, two different color hairs are created over the base eyebrow. This gives a three-dimensional look and great for women or men without eyebrows.

Microblading is totally pain-free and is very sought after this last year it has become the latest method of permanent cosmetic makeup for eyebrows.

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Microblading Hair Stroke Permanent Eyebrows, perfect permanent eyeliner, and beautiful full-color permanent lip color improve your face equal if not better than a face lift or any other beauty procedure.