Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction and electrology is permanent hair removal. What that means is laser hair removal permanently destroys hair that has enough melanin for the laser to heat up. Melanin is the dark color in the hair shaft and the target for the laser. But, people often have many colors of hair and different sizes of follicles all over the body. There are different factors that come into play when treating with laser. Contrast is very important in treatment. The lighter the skin and the darker the hair equals the best results. Anything less than that reduces the percentage of removal. An example is a Hispanic woman with darker skin pigment is not going to receive as much clearance as a light Causican woman with dark hair. Asians, Hispanics, Italians, Greeks or darker skin colors have to be treated at lower settings than a light skinned person

Like whispy hair like vellus hair.which the laser can not heat up enough to destroy. It can reduce it but, most likely not totally remove all hair. A great electrologist is trained and certified out of Massachusetts or California which require many hours of training and Board Testing. A great dea; of  Laser Hair Removal training comes from the Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal.

Now electrology it doesn’t matter. Electrology permanently rids all unwanted hair no matter color, or type of hair. It takes more time to clear than a laser but, for chin hairs mixed with gray hair electrology is the better choice. Electrology is a treatment which is done by time. Each hair is treated and the amount of time per hair depends on the hair itself. An example is fine hair is treated much faster than heavy whiskers. A sterle probe is inserted up against every hair and slid down the follicle. The follicule is a pocket and expands twice the size of the hair. So you don’t feel the insertion. Then a current is released killing the germinative cells and .creating scarring at the bottom of the follicle to prevent blood.
This usually takes around anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds per hair depending on what type of electrology treatment you are receiving.. After each hair is treated it is removed and ice is recommended after treatment remove any after effects. Karen has the highest rating on Google and Yelp for permanent hair removal.

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