Nipple Tattooing

Nipple Reconstruction, nipple pigmentation, areola tattooing

Nipple Reconstruction, nipple pigmentation, areola tattooing

Nipple Tattooing is implantation of pigment into areolas or nipples.

If you have very little color in your nipples, misshaped areolas, breast reconstruction that really isn’t 100% what it should be, or a breast cancer survivor. If you need areolas created Karen Marlise is the one to call. She is truly highly trained in this area and has done them for years. Karen has many different colors for areolas for every ethnicity, the tools for different sizes and the training from two different permanent cosmetic colleges to do the job right at an affordable price.

Karen takes the time to provide the quality you are looking for and takes the time and effort to produce beautiful results that last. Karen Marlise goes into detail discussion with you to acquire all the information necessary to produce exactly what you are looking for with your areolas. Karen Marlise takes the time needed to ensure it is pain-free and implants the color thoroughly that you end up with even beautiful nipples. Areola implantation is another name for nipple tattooing or areola tattooing because that is what it truly is.

Karen Marlise uses the equipment similar to a tattoo artist with the power to implant color thoroughly, evenly throughout. This, not a job Karen would advise letting it be done with a hand tool. For many reasons the first and for most is it would take hours to implant the volume of color necessary to produce a solid lasting job. Karen has seen too many from that technique and none of them had enough color, or color enough to be even, solidly done and last. From what Karen Marlise has seen she believes it is sub-standard work.

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